13 June 2008

When Nerds Fall in Love

When nerds fall in love, they go on dates--just like any normal couple. Recently Alex and I dropped off our offspring with their beloved grandparents so we could be alone together. We decided to go geocaching.

Geocaching is like hide and seek for "technologically advanced grown-ups" (read nerds in love). You take a GPS, get some coordinates from the Geocaching web site, and go find adventure on the high seas (or in the red dirt, as the case may be.) Pictured below is Alex with a totally awesome old rusty truck bed we found right next to a geocache.

The wheel well had some rusty bullet holes, so you know this truck bed has seen a lot of adventure. Or at least some drunken teenagers or hunters. . . with guns. Welcome to Rural America, friends, where even remote Stop signs catch the occasional stray bullet.

This was my favorite side of the truck bed. My dad loves Chevy trucks, and so I have nourished a great love for them as well. If you have a GPS and haven't geocached, you're really missing out!


Geocaching Online said...

Glad to see that you're enjoying this nerdy fun! We are too!

Thanks for the post, love the pics!

Angie Lewis said...

Sounds like you had some good, nerdy fun, though I'm still a little confused on the whole geocaching thing (and my husband is a definite nerd, but we've never done it before).

msjvd said...

If I go geocaching, will you leave some of your wonderful granola as a tasty reward for me to find?

I won the contest more than 6 months ago, but the granola prize was DEFINITELY worth the wait!

Thank you!

Dansie Family said...

i've never geocached, but we have letterboxed. same type of thing, but instead of gps you use riddles and such and in the box instead of a trinket, there is a hand carved stamp and you stamp your book and leave an image of your personalized hand carved stamp. check out letterboxing.org. we haven't done it for years.

Brittany said...

Cute date! I've enjoyed a bit of geocaching with Alex too. I miss you guys!

The Motherboard said...

I *LOVE* geocaching!! That old rusty truckbed is WAY cool!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Hey It's Di said...

Great truck pics! I love them:)

My brother and brother in-law are really into geocaching big time and I am getting more interested all the time. I just may try it!