20 July 2008

Adjectives and Adverbs

I'd just like to share some adjectives and adverbs that applied to me before and after Henry's life on this planet began:

relatively flat (where I wanted to be)
relatively perky (where I wanted to be)
Appropriate Eagles Song Title: Peaceful Easy Feeling

au natural
lumpy (where I don't want to be)
floppy (where I don't want to be)
Appropriate Eagles Song Title: Witchy Woman

Most days, (and nights--there are two two o'clocks, by the way--in case you were wondering) he's definitely worth it.

PS Another way not to lose weight is apparently to start jogging several times per week. This only applies if you are a woman. If you are a man and start jogging with your wife, she will still be fat (although you keep reassuring her she is beautiful), and your trousers will be much more comfortable than they have been for some time.


Angie Lewis said...

I especially like the Eagles titles descriptions...don't worry, it can only get better from here, right? (That's at least what I would tell myself in those moments...)

Jessi said...

You make me smile! Thanks.

And good luck. I'm right there with you.

Claire said...

Oh Jenny! I'm sure you're the only one who notices those things. In my opinioin (which is really the only one that matters) you look teriffic! You always have and always do. We love you so much and feels so fortunate that Alex found someone so wonderful. Anyone else would have killed him by now. Thanks! :)

The Rookie said...

This belongs on the fridge through the duration of your children's childhood and adolescence. (Kids need a little guilt trip every now and again).

Hey It's Di said...

I can so relate to what you are saying here. Babies are difficult mentally and physically.

I have been walking every night with my husband and of course he is losing weight and I'm NOT! It really stinks since it also was me trying to lose weight with the exercise & NOT him:(

sammygrace said...

hey hahahaha. you crack me up as usual. and i agree w claire you are hot stuff jenny. dont worry. and ya i know i have two "my blog lists" but i not know how to fix.

Jill said...

You forgot about a few Eagles songs that are appropriate after a baby is born.

"Take it to the limit" as in your credit card limit, buying all those diapers.

"Dirty Laundry" Because there's more of it. (Okay, that's technically by Don Henley, but he is with the Eagles)

"Desperado" I guess you could change that to Desperate-o............for sleep, that is.

"I can't tell you why" ........ this kid won't go to sleep

"New kid in town"....Henry

"All night long"...........as in awake all night long.

"One of those nights" That the baby won't sleep

"Life in the fast lane" ......Taking a shower before the baby wakes up from his nap.

"Already gone" ..... As in my sanity, my waistline.......etc.

Hang in there Jen!

michelle said...

Ah Jenny I know how you feel! Believe me I feel the same!! Hang in there!