30 July 2008

Ha Ha, Suckers!

You might think this is the face of innocence. Well, you'd be wrong. We are currently attempting (very unenthusiastically) to potty train Miss Grace. The other morning Alex brilliantly placed her on the potty chair first thing since she woke up dry. She then proceeded to make her #1 deposit for the first time to our great delight. She was then rewarded with a sucker. She repeated this trick a couple days later (Genius, our child, I'm telling you). So this morning. . .

G: Wakes up and yells Mom! to let me know she is up.
Me: Good Morning, Grace.
G: Ga'moning
Me: Noticing her diaper is already wet.
Me: Are you hungry?
G: Peepee sucker?
Me: Do you need to go potty?
G: Yeah, sucker.
Me: No, you need to eat breakfast honey.
G: Potty chair. Sucker.
Me: Wondering, "Who am I to prevent her using that chair if she so desires?" So I undress her and put her on potty chair. I get her a sucker, trusting her assurances that she will go potty for a sucker. I give her the sucker and patiently wait.
G: Potty. Sucker. Hands me her stick, now devoid of candy.
Me: Checking. No dice. No #1. No sucker. Actually, there was still a sucker in the room. It was just ME!


msjvd said...

You are absolutely right! She's a genius.

Hey It's Di said...

Those toddlers will out smart us every time! Especially when there is potty training involved and a reward of some sort at stake.

I need to just tattoo "sucker" on my forehead because my kids still can get me:)

Angie Lewis said...

Wow - what a little smarty pants! She sure got you! By the way, I love the new look of your blog - the colors are beautiful!

jesse said...

That a girl! Takes after her brilliant uncle, don't ya know!

The Rookie said...

Bribery in the form of sugary substances always backfires in the long run. I've learned this from teaching...but I still tend to whip out the old trick every now and again because kids will do a lot for such substances.

Grace is so intelligent and absolutely adorable...this could be a lethal combination!

The Lemmon's said...

Good luck with that one! :) BTW, I saw the front page article in the HVJ of Alex and his car. I'm very impressed with the ingenuity!!

The Yoder's Three said...

Um, yeah. The one time Madelyn went on her potty (I don't even think she realized she did it. She was just hanging out), we made such a big fuss and got out a sticker chart and everything.

I thought I was onto something, because she got very excited about the sticker chart, but she just kept wanting to put more stickers on, even if she didn't go potty. She has still only gone that one time. And she's turning 4 in December!!

Don't worry about Grace. Perfectly normal (if diabolical) toddler mindset.

betsey said...

This just cracks me up, and makes me a little nervous for Nora's potty training. I know we've got a couple of years before that happens, but it is big on my list of scary parenting events. Grace is brilliant!