02 July 2008

Prickly Pears

If you missed the Pioneer Woman's free photoshop actions download a couple months ago, you can get them here. The actions go right into photoshop, and you just have to hit play. They made the following edits of my prickly pears take miniscule amounts of time.

Fresh and Colorful

Black and White Beauty

Vintage (with decreased opacity. the action lays it on a little thick for my taste.)

Lovely and Ethereal.

If you need one of these images for a desktop background, email me which one and the aspect ratio of your screen and I'll send it on over. jbramall at yahoo dot com


msjvd said...

Wow, those prickly pears are going through the same stages of life as me! "Lovely and ethereal," "fresh and colorful."

Today, I'm feeling a bit VINTAGE. Haha! Great pics, Jennifer!

Melissa said...

Oh, how I want photoshop! Do you have the full program or do you use elements? I can't remember...

Jen said...

We use CS3, but I think most other versions can use actions. (Elements might not. My sister-in-law couldn't get them to work in her Elements, but I think the latest versions use them.)