07 August 2008

Dream Job

Last night we were discussing the whole employment thing, and I mentioned that we should just get the local community college to pay Alex a gazillion dollars a year to teach classes in his favorite subjects, like maybe building electric cars, photoshop, or shooting and editing video.

He said, "I'm sure a lot of people would love for the college to do that. Hmmm. Quilting 101. Professor, we all just wanted to say that we have brought pieces of our favorite fabric to share with you. Brrrring, Brrrring, Professor? This is The Quilted Works, we just wanted to offer you samples of all of our best fabrics to use in your class since you are such a great and influential quilter. What's that? JoAnn already offered to do this last month? That's okay. We don't mind if you double endorse."

I'm so glad we have worked this out for me now. I was really wondering what I would do with myself when the munchkins reach school age.

PS. Here are a couple of neurotic thoughts that I am typing so that I can realize how patently ridiculous they are: Hmm. I wonder if this laundry soap will run out before we have found another job. If it does, can I just quit doing laundry? I love having no job.

Should I really eat this? What if we run out of food? What will we do? This unemployment thing is great. If we run completely out of food I can finally lose my baby weight. I guess I better eat more and faster so I can lose the weight faster.


Brittany said...

Don't start starving yourselves yet. Things always work out, and they will this time too. God knows what He's doing. :) This is one thing I've learned for sure.

Amy said...

We have been mostly jobless for almost 3 years and we are still surviving. We have yet to wear dirty clothes (unless I am lazy), and we eat well. There are lots of resources out there and you will find a job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Amy... remind me not to let YOU cheer me up.

Jen said...

They were jobless for 3 years while going to school. I'm glad to hear they are doing so well. I feel confident we'll find something, too.

michelle said...

I wanted to share a comment by one of my friends in relief society today. She has a daughter a few weeks older than Jace. She said that before she was pregnant with her she kept getting the feeling that they should have a baby. Well they had no jobs, no insurance and a lot of college debt. They decided that the feeling was so strong they had to do it. During the 9 months they were both able to find work with great insurance so they didn't pay a penny for her birth and had their bills caught up before she was born also. I just thought it was a great story of faith. You guys are a smart and talented pair I know that big things are in store for you!

betsey said...

I would take a class from Alex. and I definintly would take Quilting 101 from you. I wanted to make a baby quilt for Nora and barely just finished cutting the squares. I stink.

Keep up the hard work searching and praying! The dream job will come (and if not, a good job will come along first!)