09 August 2008

The Lympics

In the lifestyles section of our local paper they had one of those sections where they interview locals about current events. Everyone expressed enthusiasm for the Olympics except this guy:

"I don't plan on watching a minute of it. I don't feel like supporting an oppressive communist government that tortures and murders their own citizens. I'd rather not send American dollars to those people."

I'm not saying I approve implicitly of China's Human Rights policy, but reading things like this in the paper help me realize why I love living in rural Utah.


The Margin Wight said...

I don't plan on watching any of the Olympics, either. At first, I thought my reason was that we don't have cable or any kind of reasonable television reception. Then, it occurred to me that I wouldn't watch them if we did have a connection, simply because I find the gussying up of a slovenly nation for the purpose of putting on a world show rather distasteful. Now, having read your post, I wonder if the real reason I have no desire to watch the olympics this time around is that I have hillbilly ancestors, and that I am a closet redneck. No, seriously, the real reason I'm not bothering with the Olympics is because there are so many other interesting things to do with my time. Like write comments on your blog. Have a good day.

Queen Elizabeth said...

That comment from your paper is hilarious. Love it.

msjvd said...

You love it... so that you can watch one of the most stunning opening ceremonies at an Olympics ever... from a reasonable distance?

It was quite impressive. I don't intend to spend anymore time watching the athletics part, but I have enjoyed all the cultural insights that have been pouring out of the coverage.

Hey It's Di said...

I just get a kick out of those Olympians. They are really die hards! I like to watch them work so hard to win from the comfort of my couch.

The Rookie said...

I'm totally digging the Olympics. Yeah, so maybe I don't necessarily agree with much of what the Chinese government does to their citizens...but I am developing a slight crush on Michael Phelps.

My ethical side sort of slips into oblivion when I'm entertained with very athletic eye candy.

Leisha said...

L-O-V-E it. Seriously.