24 August 2008

On Grief

It is really dreadful that it sometimes takes a huge tragedy to put our little troubles into perspective. I thought we were having a hard time being in between jobs, when Saturday morning my sister called me, weeping, to tell me about a plane crash that robbed over ten local families of their beloved ones without warning.

One of those now-grieving families belongs to a dear friend from high school who lost her twenty-year-old baby sister. Experience taught me years ago that sometimes prayer doesn't take the hurt away right away. Some pain will continue for a long time. After a friend died I found it so frustrating to have to go to school, eat my breakfast, work, and breathe in and out in general when my friend was gone. I felt that everyone else needed to stop what they were doing and sit down and grieve with me. But sometimes we just have to keep just breathing even when all we feel like doing is feeling.

So I just want you to know, my friend, that we are thinking of you and your family. We are suffering a small pinch of the profound depth of sorrow with you. We are sitting down imagining your raw gripping pain and hoping it is a tiny comfort to have others mourning with you. We know you will see her again and hope you will turn to friends and loved ones and let us help you bear the separation until then.

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Amy said...

Thank you Jenny. It was hard to walk into the store today and see people going about their normal business. We have felt the prayers and we are now feeling peace and even joy in this time that we are having together to reminisce with family and friends. We love each friend who has touched our lives! Thank you again!