02 August 2008

That Face

I just can't help but post pictures of her when she is all cute like this. For the record, there were actually two pigtails. We're not sporting 80's style round here.

Alex's baby brother got married today. Congrats, Mike and Heidi.


mommy princess said...

I always enjoy reading your blog.
It makes my day.
It was fun to read about Alex in the HVJ.(Stan even made me read it out loud to him)
I know what you know about messy kitchens. I to am in preparation of the auspicious Peach Days. Good luck with your quilts. The ones you have posted are just beautiful and you have my vote!!

Brittany said...

I love that shot. Gorgeous color and lighting.

Marti said...

You... have some sort of issue against the 80's? Weren't you BORN in the 80's???

michelle said...

What a sweetie! She looks like you so much Jenny! People can tell you she looks like Alex but she looks just like you LOL