12 September 2008

Butter Covered Chocolate and Other Disasters

When I was in the MTC I was initiated to the delicious practice of putting a bag of M&M's in a fresh bag of microwave popcorn so they melt and crack and get a little chocolate on the salty buttery mass. This popcorn invoked bliss and gave the days of what my husband affectionately calls "Spirit Prison" a pleasant note on which to end.

So I thought we should try it again the other night. The lesson I learned: Don't mess with perfection. We used our popcorn popper, and threw some chocolate in there. It's just not the same. Microwave popcorn is an essential ingredient in this equation. Butter covered chocolate is one of those scenarios where two good things together don't synergize into something better.

In other news, Grace has discovered my box of markers. It's just one disaster after another around here lately. I better go squeeze Henry's thighs until I feel better.


Hey It's Di said...

That sounds great! (Well the microwave method) I LOVE chocolate and some salty together. I am going to have to try it instead of my usual M&M's and pretzels mixed.

Oooohh baby Henry's thighs could make anyone feel better:)

The Yoder's Three said...

I think Grace and Madelyn were sisters in a past life...Has she ever painted the house in marinara sauce?

And now I am going to go have to eat some popcorn and chocolate! Thanks for the idea!

Dansie Family said...

i love popcorn and mms. dark mms would be even better.