30 September 2008

A Hill of Beans

A hill of black beans is what I have wasted to learn the following three lessons:

1. Don't put salt in the water in your black beans until the very very end or they will stay hard forever.
2. Ham has a lot of salt, and the same rule applies.
3. Use the water with spices and stuff that you cooked your beans in to make refried black beans or they will taste like the tap water you blended with them.

My beautimas sister-in-law tagged me, so here we go:

3 Names you go by -
1) Rowena, self bestowed title to escape the ranks of a bazillion Jens (Though all Jens are totally awesome. It's all in the name.)
2) The Dancing Queen. (This makes Grace the Dancing Princess. Oh yeah.)
3) Sissy pooh pooh pants. I love having sisters. A lot.

Restaurants I love -
1) Samurai 21. Sushi. MMMMMmmm.
2) Cafe Rio
3) Wendys (The cheapness. Ah, the cheapness.)

3 Trips to plan on this year -
1) Grace's Grandma and Grandpa's houses a bazillion times. (She, like her cousin, calls Toquerville "Taco Bell." Luckily, we don't have to eat that food every time we go there.)
2) Northern Utah. Again. With Henry screaming his head off. Boo hoo.
3) The grocery store, every week. Yeah, I don't get out much.

3 Things you want badly
1) Someone else to do my laundry.
2) To be able to eat as much candy and sugar as I want and never get diabetes.
3) To own our own house. (We only own it on paper. The bank paid for it and now we have to pay them back. Lame.)

3 Pets you have/had -
1) Hank the goldfish
2) A dwarf frog whose name I can't remember.
3) That's about it. I have a hard enough time feeding myself and my children. Believe me, it's better for the animal kingdom if I am not responsible for any of them.

3 Things you did yesterday -
1) Went to Target and got diapers and a onesy for Henry for NINETY NINE CENTS. Awesome.
2) Ate a tuna sandwich. I am the only tuna eater in our marriage. It's depressing sometimes, but luckily tuna has those oil thingys that fight depression.
3) Baked whole wheat bread with oats and molasses and flour I ground myself that morning because I am awesome like that.

3 Things you ate today -
1) Homemade Pizza, shells and meatballs, and spaghetti. And that was just for lunch. (My potluck group have a weird brainwave where we bring the same thing. Last week, all fruit with one pot of beans.)
2) A piece of toasted homemade wheat bread that I made myself yesterday because I am awesome like that.
3) Watermelon. Good thing I finished all the cookies and sweets in the house yesterday so I didn't have to list the peanut butter crunchys and oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies. . . .

3 Fears -
1) Clowns
2) Ingrown toenails
3) Scorpions

3 Things you plan on doing today -
1) Napping
2) Folding laundry while watching a chick flick.
3) Buying milk and cereal, which we seem to eat in ridiculous abundance.

3 Things you plan on doing tomorrow -
1) Probably more dang laundry.
2) Changing more dang diapers.
3) Cleaning my dang house because friends are coming to dinner. Yay!

3 Favorite Holidays -
1) Sticky bun chocolate dipped pretzel month. (Christmas)
2) Turkey and Pie day.
3) Red cinnamon heart day.

3 Favorite beverages -
1) Cold Water
2) Cherry lime rickey Snapple
3) Charlie's Malt Shoppe Lemonade

3 People I tag -
1. Anyone who hasn't done this and wants to
2. Alex
3. Elizabeth who is still going to be my friend even though the cursed ward boundaries changed boo hoo but doesn't have to do it if she doesn't want to.


The Rookie said...

First off, please allow me to apologize for my ridiculously long comment on your last post. Its a topic I am close to and we must keep in mind that I have a propensity for blabbering on and on, and, well, you get the point.

Secondly, you do know your blog makes me hungry every time, don't you?

msjvd said...

"tuna has those oil thingys that fight depression."

I learn something from your blog every day. But "HUH?" What things that fight depression?

Jesse said...

Jenny, I am so glad that you are my sister.

Dansie Family said...

but you're still my neighbor. i just don't get to hear your lessons anymore. tom hates tuna, too. good job on the onesie and the yummy bread, wheres my piece. and be like me, buy 40 boxes of cereal when they are on the super sales at albertsons or smiths. sometimes they are10 for 10 or 10 for 15. either way they are usually under 10 cents an ounce which is my limit. and believe me we go through a lot of cereal. especially because hey we had it for breakfast and dinner yesterday.