24 September 2008

More Reasons Why Grace is Smarter Than I Am

Grace frequently demonstrates her brilliance to me. I have a nightgown that has things like "Darjeeling" and "Earl Grey" written all over it, and she recently pointed to my nightgown and said "teapot." And I noticed for the first time that there are also teapots on the nightgown which I have worn longer than she has been alive.

I would write more about this phenomenon, but Sue really summed it up in this post. I frequently get so stuck in my own thoughts that I don't realize what is going on in the world around me. Alex can attest to the truth of this because he likes to tease me about the time he asked if there was anything on his back and I said, "No, dear," without looking up from what I was doing. He had to say, "Could you actually look at my back before you answer?"

Grace also noticed today that Alex was wearing the awesome eighties aviator sunglasses, and automatically assumed that we would be "Going on the boat?" because those are Grandpa's eyewear of choice when boating. Genius.

As final evidence, I give you this. Yesterday, she summed up our entire relationship in one short pithy statement as I tried (and failed) to take a nap:

"Mommy, no sleep. I hungry."

Thanks Grace, I was wondering what you were on about, but now I know.


msjvd said...

If you are starving the child to death, then what's all that red muck around her mouth about?

Jessi said...

I think it's so fun to see my kids' personalities emerge and their talents to develop. It sometimes helps me realize I am doing some things right (and unfortunately some things wrong as well).

Kasey said...

She is so dang cute! and I am so excited to try your recipe for coconut ice cream I must agree it is positively sinful!!

Jill said...

I find it amazing how kids think that their need for food out weighs our need for sleep.

Jesse said...

Talking as a spectator only, since I just got home from my mission and my only experience is with my neices and nephew (who are the cutest in the world), I think that the mindset of children at such a young stage in life is similar to that of an animal. It also relates to Maslow's hierarchy of needs in psychology. They will do anything to get their basic needs met, and since they don't know any other way than to bug mommy and then my food need is met, or cry and then my bottom isn't icky anymore, then that's what they do. I do suppose though that because Grace shows a lot of personality at what I think is a young age, it means that her basic needs have been and are being met very well because she doesn't have to worry about those things. So don't worry Jen, I think you are one of the greatest mommies ever. How else could they be so dang cute too?

The Rookie said...

I just like Grace. That's all. :)

The Yoder's Three said...


I love that you have tea jammies.