17 September 2008

The Night Life

This is a (very slightly) dramatized version of how our night went last night:

7:00 Bathe Henry in hopes that he will benevolently fall asleep early as a gracious boon to his parents.
9:00 Bathe Grace and follow with the "I Hungry" battle, which will be an excellent example of attrition.
"String cheese?"
"Raisin Bran?"
"Fried egg?"
"Time for bed?"
"No. I Hungry."
Repeat until Mommy's head is ready to explode and steam starts coming out of her ears and nose, and horns start growing out of her head, and she makes a piece of toast for Grace so sis can pick the butter side off of it.
9:30 Grace goes to bed.
10:00 Henry goes to bed.
11:00 Mom goes to bed.
1:29 Grace awakens. Again with the "I Hungry" battle. Daddy subs for Mommy to help alleviate the steaming nose and ears. Raisin cereal saves the day (or night as it were).
2:00 (a.m. there are two two o'clocks, much to my chagrin.) Grace awakens again. Again with the "I Hungry" battle. Mommy feels her forehead and realizes that sister actually means, "I have a fever and I am interpreting it as hunger." Tylenol saves the day (or night as it were).
4:00 (a.m. there are two four o'clocks as well, also to my chagrin.) Henry awakens, needing food and feeling chipper since he has been asleep for six blissful hours. We spend some QUALITY time from 4 to 5:30, at which point Mommy bestows Henry upon Daddy and goes to bed. Daddy holds Henry for five minutes, after which Henry of course falls peacefully asleep and Daddy comes back to bed.
8:30 Henry awakens and it is time to start another HAPPY DAY.

I hope you have a HAPPY DAY, too.


Angie Lewis said...

Oh the joys! I can't imagine it with two when it's difficult enough with one...good luck...sounds like a great day for a nap!

michelle said...

That sounds all too familiar Jenny! Be glad you have Alex around! My steam just blows and my horns get fully grown a lot of times!!

sammygrace said...

lucky lucky gal. :)

Simply, Sarah said...

Long nights stink!
I hope you can recoup the rest sometime soon.

Hey It's Di said...

I hope you all got a big long nap to make up for it!

I sometimes confuse my hunger for fevers, go figure!

Dansie Family said...

what a night. i hope you got a nap. but remember how short childhood is. one day we will look back with fondness on those days. just not for a while.

Amy said...

Whenever I complain to my mom on the lack of sleep I get some nights with my two babies, she tells me teenagers are worse! That's sympathy for you huh? It does pass, my four year old rarely wakes up before 7 a.m.

The Rookie said...

I complain about my day job, indeed. But the truth is that MOMS HAVE THE TOUGHEST JOB IN THE WORLD.

Teaching nearly 200 moody, hormonal adolescents and their accompanying butt cleavage comes in at a close second, however.

Jesse said...

THAT is why I will never be a mother. (I guess another reason is that I'm male)