02 September 2008

Preserving Peaches

This is what I have been doing for about a week now:

Here are a few scientific, tried and true canning tips:

1. It's best to can with another person, whom you like very much. When preserving fruit alone, the hours will last 120 minutes, whereas when preserving with a beloved sister or friend, the hours fly by in around 20 to 30 minutes apiece.

2. Ignore the children. They scream and fight even when the parents intervene, so there is no sense in interrupting the peach peeling just to wrestle with angry preschoolers. They're probably building character, anyway.

3. Don't say something like, "If I don't see another peach until next fall, it will be too soon." This will guarantee that a well-meaning father or other benevolent person will call with an offer of two boxes of the best peaches in town within one hour. Refusal of these (Bud Schow beautiful lick your arm to not waste any juice) peaches would constitute serious betrayal of provident living principles.

4. Rub a dry finger around the mouth of each jar before placing the lids and securing with rings. This gets the sugar and other debris off the glass to make a nice strong seal. This will also prevent a fridge full of bottles of peaches that induce serious anger and regret that the peaches are now cooked and bottled, but not preserved.


Queen Elizabeth said...

You are a better woman than I. I still have nightmares from helping my mom can salsa many many many moons ago.

SpecialK said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm going to be bottling peaches this weekend. I'm not looking forward to the work, but the product is worth every sticky finger. Your peaches look beautiful!

Dansie Family said...

renee and i canned for a whole day and froze on another. much better together. kids will be kids and they enjoyed having absolute freedom for the whole day.

do you soak your peaches before in crushed up vitamin c?

do you hot or raw pack?

and i think renee and i forgot to process one (i knew we had one extra bottle somewhere but i didn't know where, until i was at renee's and she asked me if my peaches tasted carbonated. i tasted hers an dit was pretty bad, it didn't taste rotten just carbonated. and it sealed somehow. but at least we figured out where the unprocessed jar went.)

how many quarts did you end up with and did you make any jam?

Jen said...

I just barely learned about the vitamin C trick, but my Grandma said to just put a 1/2 tablet in the jar. We haven't tried it yet, but she said it makes the color stay nice.

We do whichever one is in the boiling water.

We did somewhere between 70 and 90 quarts. We split between Sara, Mom and me, so I'm not sure of the total. The bottling is kind of a blur now. We did around 12 or so boxes. My sister did jam. She did a yummy raspberry one with a peach base that turned out great!

Hey It's Di said...


Jen said...

Love number two. I'm all about ignoring the children.

Does that sound bad? What if I truly believe they ARE building character??? How bad can preschoolers hurt each other anyway? Right???

Congrats on your peaches!