10 September 2008

Secrets to Our Success

A. Henry has the most delicious thighs. Yummy yum. I just read Breaking Dawn, and it is so funny that a certain character has to worry about this problem "for real," because I am tempted to eat my spawn very frequently. I feel quite certain that some of his superpowers will be rooted in these magnetic sources of sheer awesomeness.

B. While Alex has a regular job now, we expect to make a bazillion dollars very soon with our new exercise tape: Henrylottys. We will have none of this nonsense about spelling our exercise program in a way that you will never know how to pronounce from reading like some other exercise programs you might have seen.


jesse said...

Please let me know when Henrylottys come out, because if I was as good looking as Henry, well I just wouldn't know what to do with myself!

Queen Elizabeth said...

Love those thighs... and love the quilt - both are adorable!

Hey It's Di said...

Now I know why animal moms eat their young! Who could stand something this adorable??

I need those thighs! Must have video!!