14 September 2008

Why I'm voting for NADER

1. I like his energy policy. I like his health plan. And I like that he's really angry.

2. While I agree with only about a third of his fiscal policy, I would love to see an angry uncompromising person kick a bunch of corporately owned politicians in the behind. For once. (If the Republicans could come up with someone sexy next time, maybe I'd vote for her.)

3. He's my friend on Facebook. ("Pres_USA just threw a s'more at you. Would you like to: eat the s'more and throw one back? Throw a flaming marshmallow? or Ignore Pres_USA?")

4. Alex is going to write-in Dwight D. Eisenhower, but I prefer to vote for someone with a pulse.

5. I live in Utah, so our electoral votes will go for McCain even if I vote for my daughter for President. I'm voting for Nader out of principle.

*I'm 85% sure I'm voting for him. I still have more reading to do on a few other candidates.


Anonymous said...
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amy said...

it really is so sad that they can't get nader into the debates if only to serve as a gadfly for the other two vapid candidates. i am pretty excited to vote for nader, myself. he may not be a perfect candidate (i have concerns about his fiscal policy as well...), and he may not win, but casting my vote for him will feel SO GOOD.

if you decide to vote for someone else, please tell us who and why. i'm always open to suggestions.

msjvd said...

Nader is a wack-job, darling. I've met him. He's so far off the course that you can't even imagine until you look him in the eye.

He makes liberals think again.

Meantime, I spotted this on a website for "The Atlantic" magazine. Seems to be a pictorial of locations from one of your favorite books series. :)


Enjoy... I hope?

Kate said...

I like Ike!
Just has a nice ring.

Nader is seriously a raving lunatic. But, that's the only thing that's going to turn this country around. He's a raving lunatic with a soul & that's definitely more than I can say for the other major candidates.

The Rookie said...

I am going to write in "Your Mom" because a little immaturity never hurt anyone, or maybe the teenagers are wearing off on me.

Fact: I am only voting this year because of local elections.

Fact: Over the years, I've come to recognize that local elections are the only place where my votes actually counts (maybe because I too live in Utah?). Afterall, these are the individuals who determine factors in my day-to-day life: like whether or not the giant pot hole that nearly swallows my car every day on the way to work gets fixed.

Fact: I am glad you vote on issues, not whether or not you like the candidate. That just makes me want to be your real-life friend even more.