15 October 2008

Dash It All

I applied for an editing job a week or so ago. I didn't get the position, but I came in a close second. I was a contender. Lucky for me I can still have all the fun I want on Thursdays. They said they'd call me if the person they hired doesn't work out, though. I'm just glad that immediately after the interview I quit spending all the money I was going to earn in my mind.

I just figured out how to type an em dash. This is a huge boon, because I love em dashes. You hold down Alt while typing 0151—like that. Ah, the dashness.

I am accepting suggestions for words of the whatever because I have cut back on my reading in order to keep my house clean—such a dreadful business that housework.


laceeJ said...

What happened to your prop. 8 post? I click on it and it doesn't show up :(

Jen said...

Sometimes I can't decide if I want to post something or not, even after I publish it. I was nervous that I might offend one of my gay friends, though I tried to make it as polite as possible. I deleted it. I wish I had saved a copy, though, so if I changed my mind I could re-post it. Maybe I'll try to write it again this weekend.

Angie Lewis said...

Sorry you didn't get the job...good luck with the housework. I have a suggested word of the whatever that I came across in my book today: solipsist - I had never heard that one!

amy said...

anyone fool enough not to hire you doesn't deserve you, and you can tell them i said so.

i am interested in your prop 8 post, too. post away; blogs were made to offend! it's fun! i say, if you can't handle a little offense, quite reading people's opinionated blogs. see, look at me being offensive. i'm having a great time.

thanks also for the em dash instructions. i learned that trick in college and promptly forgot it, but it will come in handy in grad school.

Jen said...

thanks pamy. i'll get that up as soon as i remember all of it. if you ever need to type an en dash, it's alt 0150, by the way.

and i've made up a story that they only chose the other person because it was a down-and-out economically challenged person who cried in the interview because they really needed the work to pay the extra medical bills of their suffering child, so i feel really good about it, since i don't actually needthe job.

Dansie Family said...

sorry about the job. who'd they hire? your much better than her. but it would have been fun to have your edit my articles. maybe i should send them to you to edit and then to them and let them know it has already been copy-edited by someone much better than their copy editor. that'll show them.

and what is an em dash?

Hey It's Di said...

I believe it was a pitty hire! They only hired the other girl because they knew she didn't have a fighting chance in life:) WE all know who is better...even without meeting her.

I keep hoping my messy house will just get sick of me NOT attending to it and take care of itself.

The Rookie said...

Dash is such a lovely word.

Sorry to hear about the near-job. I frequently fantasize about getting a second job which pays me just that extra pinch every month. Rather, I dream about the paychecks. I keep scheming (fruitlessly, I might add) a means by which I might dupe the masses into viewing my blog until the traffic grows exponentially and I receive add offers.

And as for the word of the whatever, I'm voting for anthropomorphism and penultimate.

But maybe you've used these before.