09 October 2008

A Limerick

I'm glad my name isn't Bernanke.
If it were, my job would be very stanky.
I'd be running around
the global town
trying to clean up after bad bankys.

What's your (limerickal or other) assessment of the current economical climate?

Also, slant rhyme is like the practice of feeding fruit snacks to small children. I don't really approve, but I do it anyway because of the sheer convenience and because of my sheer laziness.


amy said...

as the dow plunges into the gutter
squeals of joy my dear ryan doth utter
buy low and sell high
isnt pie in the sky
dreams of wealth have his heart all a'flutter

but if he should ask my opinion,
as his faithful and true wifely minion,
i would tell him i fear
with this method, my dear,
our nest egg may go through a rack and pinion

and thus we can surely conclude
that the wisdom of wives who collude
through sisterhood blogs
are more loyal than dogs
and will vote nader, if in the mood.

Flood said...

They say it's a crisis but really
my money I'm still spending freely
I shuck and I jive
cause I'm not sixtyfive
and my savings is under my Sealy.

Debbie said...

I am severely poetically limited. But not politically limited. I posted about the political situation just today. But I love your limerick. And your admission of laziness.

Jen said...

The stock market isn't real steady,
So I guess we all should get ready.
For what? No one knows
But that's how it goes
When dealing with Fanny and Freddie.

Depression, Recession, who knows?
The market is hitting some lows.
And it's a real shame
That no one's to blame
Because that would mean stepping on toes.

I just love it when I'm roaming around and run into an limericking opportunity!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Wow some very literary fans! I'm too tired of watching Glenn Beck with my husband to write a limerick about the economy. I think I'm going to write a post soon called Glenn Beck is a Terrorist.

But YAY for limericks! And YAY for slant rhyme. Shakespeare did it all the time.

And thanks for stopping by my blog. That part about the socks was totally true. I make a lot of stuff up, but that was for real. It's the first time it's ever happened. Don't you think that's a good luck omen or something?

Jen said...

Thanks for all the fabulous limericks! I knew you wouldn't let me down Pamy.

www.potsandpins.com said...

Swirling, swirling down the drain,
Watching our money go...
It would be funny, if not for the pain,
Which way to the Poor House, do you know?

The Rookie said...

As bank after bank goes awry,
and my 401K makes me cry,
bail outs for AIG,
a "retreating" company,
make me wonder why I even try.

Brittany said...

I can't believe you can remember the formula for a limerick! You are truly an English major (what is it, by the way; now it's bugging me.) Love ya!