01 October 2008

Naughty Words

My sisters and I canned 56 quarts of applesauce last Saturday. I personally think we should win some sort of Domestic Goddess award (There are even three of us. Whoa.) One of these days when my self-esteem comes back I might tell you about how one sister is the canning Nazi. But today, I have more serious business to discuss.

When I was canning peaches the other day I did a dumb thing where the water boiled for about twenty minutes and then I realized that I hadn't put the jarred peaches in the water. This jarred my nerves. And I said a very naughty word when I realized what I had done. I haven't said a swear word since junior high. And this one is in the Bible, so I think it's not as bad. And my mom said it (kind of a lot, but I still love her a lot) when I was growing up, so double okay. Anyway, I contritely repented, confessed, forsook, all that jazz. It was a good thing, too, due to a ramen noodle, screen door and two-year-old incident today in which I merely screamed. So now you can dish to me. Do you say very naughty words now and then? Or do you have a tongue of steel? (That's kind of a gross image. Sorry.) What is your swearing philosophy? Or the most recent thing that induced you?


Simply, Sarah said...

I don't let my children say "stupid, dumb, retarded, hate," or other words that sound so ugly coming from such sweet (usually) mouths. But, I say crap a lot, so when my children say it, I can't get on them for it. Their friends are all amazed that I let them say it. Must be soap time for me...and I should crack down on it from them.
I ask Josh how he dangs or what does dang mean. He says it means hit. When he says darn, we comment on how there aren't any holes in his socks to sew. Lame, I know.

laceeJ said...

ahhh.... I wish I never started. After having children I think I'm more aware of my loose mouth, but not as good as I should be. Bless you for only saying 2 swear words in your whole life. I think I do that every, well, too often:) :(
I heard a few years ago that if you have to swear to get something across it's pretty shallow. I'm working on getting to the deeper end it. :)

Angie Lewis said...

Honestly, I don't really swear, but sadly, I often end up thinking the words. I hate knowing that the thought is there, and just like you, it will most likely one day slip out. I'm pretty sure I'll get myself into trouble eventually!

Dansie Family said...

i went through my swearing phase in junior high and i once dropped a pretty big one on my dad in high school but he started it with a not quite so big one first. i don't think i have sworn since i have been married. i have only heard tom swear once when we were dating. but he grew up in family where he has never heard his dad and only heard his mom once. so i guess he has the good genes.

porter loves to say "dang it" and i use crap way too much but i haven't heard my kids say it yet.

Dansie Family said...

oh and where do you get your apples? do you know anywhere i can get a bunch cheap. i want to make applesauce.

msjvd said...

I used to swear. Quite a bit. But then I realized two things.

First, I realized that they are crutch words. They are used by people who can't adequately express themselves otherwise. They just stuff those words in because they don't know any other words and they are too lazy to think of the other more appropriate words.

And second, I noticed that the women-folk who used those words lacked a certain air and elegance.

In fact, sometimes, it seemed they sucked the actual air from the room they were in.

It's easy to quit when you look around at who does swear.

The Rookie said...

You are a domestic goddess.

As for the curse word issue (another interesting topic, I might add): it is a constant battle for me. I do really well for a really long time and then...BLIP! It comes from years of allowing those blips to blip, because I thought it made a statement more funny or I was frustrated and on and on...and then I tried stopping those blips from blipping and I guess you could stay I still battle the blip. E very now and again a blip flies out of my mouth before I can stop it.

Do you know what I blipping mean?

The Yoder's Three said...

I never felt the need to swear until Mark started his rotations in PA school, and Madelyn started becoming EVEN MORE of a control freak. (Cruel irony how they have coincided.) I still don't let the actual words slip out. Usually.

angela michelle said...

I have a certain word that I use when, say, the toilet is overflowing or the baby's in the street or I just hit a car. My kids are *not* impressed by this. But I think they're smart enough not to mention it as the moments when I use it are already pretty high-tension.

Hey It's Di said...

I did let the occasional cuss word fly until I had a friend at work start a cuss jar. I was amazed how many times I was dropping in the quarter! She was going to lunch with it after a week or two. I only let them squeek out here and there and usually on accident.

YOU are the queen at everything! Domestic Goddess is putting it mildly. YOU WIN!!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely a goddess of applesauce and domesticity.

I honestly don't swear much, although I do say crap quite a bit, but I guess I just don't count that. I think my kids count it and are a little shocked when I say it.

I did say something that sounded like taking the Lord's name in vain during the pushing part of labor when I was delivering my first daughter, but I've decided that was just a really short prayer rather than a blaspheme.

Cory Reese said...

I think I remember hearing a General Authority say that you are allowed to say certain things during Jazz games.

Oops. Now I need to repent for lying and for words that have been uttered during Jazz games.

Lori said...

When I swear, it is because I am so mad, or depressed, or ornery that I can't think straight! Sometimes it makes me feel better.
Example- I'm really tired and I've just been thrown up on. It feels a lot better to say "OH #$%@#!" than, "Hattie I'm really upset and angry right now, because I'm tired and now I have to clean up a mess that I didn't make. I know you didn't do it on purpose, but it sure feels like it!"
Most of the time I feel worse after swearing and it doesn't really help. So why do I say it then? I think it's because I'm NOT thinking.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hoy #@%$, Batman! (That's my philosophy on canning AND swearing!)

Hey, had I known you last Monday I would have totally bought you that Canning for Dummies book. (Or did your sister write that?)