06 October 2008

Why I Am an Awesome Mother

You can tell from this picture that Grandma is peekabooing to the side of Grandpa because he is too tall for her to peekaboo over his shoulder. Hence the direction of the childrens' un-photoshopped grins. Henry (at five months) currently weighs a couple of pounds shy of what Grace weighed at age one.

Grace thinks I am an awesome mom. She hasn't said, "Mom, you are awesome," or anything, but I can tell. I'm sure she thinks it all the time, but I can tell because she will imitate any of my behavior, bad or good. That means I don't do anything that I might perceive as rotten that she perceives as so low as beneath her. She has no problem rebuking me or telling me what she WILL or WILL NOT do.

"You will NOT color on the furniture!"
"I NEED you to be quiet so Henry can go to sleep!"

"I NOT take a nap!"
"I NOT eat cereal!"
"I NOT wear battle shorts!" (Alex taught her that her orange shorts are her battle shorts. Thanks babe.)
"I NEED a drinka milk!"
"I NEED a go to gramma's house!"

It's really such a relief that all my yelling is molding her into a miniature of myself rather than a scarred child who has serious mother-baggage.


Angie Lewis said...

What an awesome picture - even if the kids aren't looking right at the camera...it's reality, right?!

angela michelle said...

that's a beautiful picture.
at least you're teaching her to stand up for herself!

Jill said...

Love the photo!
Those are some seriously cute kidlets.

You are an awesome mother! At least she seems to be hearing some of what you say. As they get older, they tune you out completely.

Amy Huntington said...

haha, she's a cutie. So is henry! Your family photo is way cute!

michelle said...

Sorry to break it to you but the defiant responses only get longer and more complex. Chloe is 6 and she is still the same way!

"I NOT eat cereal!"=I dont want that bowl, I want the hello kitty bowl, and where is the HK spoon, I dont want cheerios I want mini wheats, let me open the fridge, no I'm supposed to close it.....

"I NOT wear battle shorts!" (Alex taught her that her orange shorts are her battle shorts. Thanks babe.)= I am NOT wearing long sleeves to school. I will sweat all day! I want to wear my butterfly shirt. I don't like blue its a boy color, I want to wear pink, only pink every single day!

"I NEED a go to gramma's house!"=I want to live at gramma's house. its better than this house. I liked living at gramma's house better. When can we go to gramma's again. I want to go to gramma's today-right now.

Jesse said...

Jen, I love Grace! I miss her so bad! I'm coming home this weekend, probably Thursday, then I'm coming back up North on Monday. Oh, and I do miss you guys too. Love ya!

The Rookie said...

Your kids are too dang cute. I NEED to eat those cheeks!

Amy said...

Jenny, I have not been on for a while, but I love your hair! I know you were asking for suggestions a while back and I wanted to let you know that you made a great choice.

sammygrace said...

hahaha good luck with that jenny, your kids are so cute though man, i just dont even know what to say.

The Yoder's Three said...

"Battle shorts"...Hmmmmm....If that has anything to do with battling head-to-head over the minutiae of everyday life, then every pair of kid's shorts should be called battle shorts.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Amen to that! What a cute family.

Bonnie said...

Way cute family picture!!