26 November 2008

From the Archives

My best friend and I used to read greeting cards for fun when we were in college after we would go to lunch or just hang out. Once when I was in a very inexpensive dollar-type store, I found this gem of loving declaration which reads as follows:

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways. . .
On New Year's Day and Halloween
And every minute in between
Watching TV all alone
Or talking on the telephone
When the weather's cold and sleety
And each time I see graffiti
Drinking coffee by the hour
Or having one more whiskey sour
Eating Shrimp with lobster sauce
And even when you make me cross
So now you know with this little rhyme
I really love thee all the time.

Let's just call this my special Thanksgiving Present for all my beloved bloggy and real life friends.


Jillybean said...

I used to do that with my friends too!

Usually on Friday nights when none of us had dates.

We found all these funny/sappy/sweet cards that we would have sent to our boyfriends............if we had boyfriends.

The Rookie said...

Ah, Jen! That's really sweet 'n' nice.
You're just full of sugar and spice.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
Oh, no, I just threw up in my own shoe!

Greeting Card Industry...Here I Come!

msjvd said...

Why would you label that bad poetry?

Jen said...

Rookie, you seem to have a sparling career ahead of you.

MSJVD, I knew when I read sleety and graffiti that this was "bad poetry" in the very best sense of the title, and the poem only went uphill from there.