24 November 2008

It Is Official

I don't know about you, but it seems that all of our ducks are in a row.
(I am delighted that the cat is looking on in interest.)


Kevin M. said...

That is awesome. Many will be jealous.

Jillybean said...


We have similar lines in our house too.
All of our toy cars, blocks and plastic alphabet letters are in a row.

OCD. All the cool kids are doing it.

Claire said...

Haha! I'm very proud to be the lucky aunt of such a brilliant little girl. We always knew Grace was very advanced.

Anonymous said...

Henry and she would get along. As long as she didn't mess up his line of balls and he didn't mess up her row of ducks.

The Rookie said...

A feat I've never been able to claim. Kudos to you.

Hey It's Di said...

I don't think my ducks are ever in a row. *Sigh!