20 November 2008

A Tag, A Tag

Lest you think my ego become bloated by my sweet logically fallacious manipulation of small children, I give you my kitchen desk:

Luckily for my poor ego which is constantly kept in check by the messy state of my house, Mel at The Yoder's Three has tagged me for the above award. I find it very ironic considering my Dali Duds, but I thank her and will now list three things I value and three things I don't value, since six of each just might do me in.

I value:

Sleep. Oh Sleep, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Since you left me my life has not been the same. Someday I hope you will come back to me and we will live together in bliss and harmony with calm-tempered joy.

My Husband. I especially love his resemblance to Colin Firth and his big poofy hairs on top of his head. And all that letting-me-stay-home-with-the-kids and blog and quilt stuff counts for something, too.

Quilting. I commented on my imaginary friend's blog the other day that my dream house would be made of high quality quilting fabric that magically wove more of itself so I could cut more whenever I wanted. There would also be a magic diaper changing room. And it would clean itself magically.

I do not value:

Grammatical Unorthodoxy (I will not point out that the name of this award is one of those things that drive me Krazy. Oops.)

Oil Dependence and Consumption. I miss our electric car. We hope to have a new motor soon.

Adultery. I could rant angrily about this one for a long time, and I frequently have to stop myself from going on mad blogging tirades about its evils. I'm stopping myself at this very moment. You can thank me later for deleting those fifteen paragraphs.

I award / tag (if they desire to participate):

Lizzard Tales
Dutton Days
The Childless Housewife
Hurricane Proof
Verbosity by Har
and Anyone Else Who is Kreativ!


amy said...

i did your tag because i thought your post was so funny. also, i would love to hear you rant about adultery, mainly as an excuse to bust out my pitchfork and hop on the bandwagon. however, i admire your self-restraint, a trait of which is possess not one iota.

if you change your mind, i'll bring the tar if you'll grab some feathers... (it's the 'moralist' in me...)

The Yoder's Three said...

You're awesome Jen! Your blog is my favorite out of all my friend's, so that's why I had to give you that award. You're always coming up with such original stuff.

My craft room looks like your counter, only multiplied by about 50 times.

www.potsandpins.com said...

I was well on my way to a very special pity party when I decided to detour to your blog...so glad I did - it was just what I needed! My son and girlfriend (although he says she's not his girl friend, but they spend every day together and if they're not together they're texting, etc.,) are downstairs making a cake in my newly cleaned kitchen...I dread what awaits me...the girlfriend is not LDS and doesn't really understand our values...dresses like a floozie...okay, before I go down that road and end up back at my pity party I'll quit...thanks for the great read - as usual.

Hurricane High said...

Hey someone gave me your blog to add to the HHS alumni blog I started. Check it out and let me know if that's ok :)
And if you know of any others that might be missing let me know or spread the word! Thanks :)
Stephanie Lindhardt

The Rookie said...

You, dear Jen, are my kindred spirit.

Oh, and my husband looks like Colin Firth too, and Javier Bardem and Matthew Macfadyen and... Oh wait, I don't have a husband.

Hey It's Di said...

Sleep tops my list too. And I don't even have a little one to deprive me of it!

You are very Kreativ and keep me coming back for more:)