13 December 2008

About My Well Beloved

Here's a little tag about my dear spouse:

Where we met: at the Hurricane Middle School. I'm 35% sure it went like this: he came up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Alex." And I wittily responded, "I know. You're Janelle's friend." Isn't that romantic? You might say that conversationally, I'm gifted.

We went on our first date: Shortly after he turned sixteen. We anonymously delivered cookies.

How long we dated before we got hitched: It's complicated. Kind of eight years, kind of one or two.

How long have we been married: Five years next June.

What's my favorite feature about him: It's a tie between his bulging biceps and his resemblance to Colin Firth.

What's my favorite quality about him: His sense of humor. (Abnormal and parallel to mine.)

What's his nickname for me: Mushy Lumpkin. (Just kidding—"Love" is just so prosaic.)

His favorite color: Fuji green, which he fell in love with over the disposable cameras while working in a tourist trap.

His favorite sport: Shooting video. (That's about as sporty as we get around here.)

Who said the L word first: He did, and naturally I broke up with him immediately. We were in high school for pity's sake. Can you blame me?

First kiss, where and when: A very ugly couch less than ten days after my return from a Mormon mission to Hawaii.

Favorite couple thing to do: Walk and talk.

His hidden talent: He has strictly forbidden me from revealing his secret identity on the internet. But it involves spandex, crime fighting, and night time.

His favorite music: Gladiator Soundtrack

What I admire most about him: Aside from the bulging muscles, the way his brain is so developed on both the creative side and the analytical side.

His favorite pastimes: Reading Wikipedia and forums about DV (digital video) and EV (evil vampires—ahem, that is electric vehicles). Also, he likes to Tinker with a capital T and make short films.

Will he read this? Yeppers. And I won't even have to hold his head in front of the monitor.

I tag: Mrs. Yoder, Her sister-in-law, (if they want to) and anyone else who wants to do it.

PS. As part of my blog's identity crisis I am streamlining my links lists and moving most of the blogs I follow from "Friends, Romans, and Loved Ones" to my blogger dashboard. Then the most recent posts come to the top of my list rather than me having to click endlessly and load many who might not have posted for some time.


msjvd said...

Nerd love talk posted on the internet is just weird.

Dansie Family said...

i need to figure out how to do that my friends. and i cannot believe you guys dated all through high school, he dropped the L word and you had never kissed. you crazy mormons (or sweet innocent righteous kids). at least you know his love for you was based on substance not lovin.

Hey It's Di said...

You seriously went to Hawaii on your mission? That is so cool!!

Oh yeah, I did pay attention to your post being entirely about your lovely husband but for some reason that Hawaii part caught me:)

Kevin M. said...

It is comforting to know there are others out there with similar humour types and oddities.

The Rookie said...

I'm always entertained by your blog and witty banter. I giggled twice whilst reading a tag. I never giggle reading tags.

And you tramp, you. Less than 10 days after the mission? On an UGLY couch, no less?! The audacity!

The Yoder's Three said...

Ah, Alex. I just ran across a newspaper article about when we were in a fashion show together. I'm definitely going to have to post it.

I am glad for the tag--now I have another excuse to not finish my unpacking!