27 December 2008

In Case You Need a Fix. . .

Here's the most beautiful intelligent barbie possessing toddler around.

I just discovered that there is a book review section in the Mormon children's magazine, The Friend. If the review is starred that means that a non-Mormon character in the work may not follow the Word of Wisdom (our health code). All this time I thought starred reviews were the best items. Or is it both in this case because the children's horizons will be broadened?


The Rookie said...

The Friend has a book review section? Fascinating.

And that little girl is melt-worthy!

The Yoder's Three said...

I get a little annoyed with the sanitized outlook on everything that a lot of Utah Mormon's prefer to have. But I guess The Friend is just trying to cover their bases in case they get accused of promoting something that's not 100% up to their standards.