17 December 2008

Manic Chocoholic.

Every afternoon at approximately 4:30, Munchkin 1 takes it upon herself to follow me around fake crying until her father's return from work.

Today, we made this winter bark, thank you Martha Stewart for the recipe. (By the way, it is best if you use peanuts or cashews. I did a batch with slivered almonds but preferred the saltier cashew batch. I'm here to help. If you need chocolate tested, please don't hesitate to call.)
Grace helped by licking the spatula.

Today when Alex came home from work he rescued me from her fake crying by saying, "Let's go have a talk." So he took her in the other room and said, "When you cry and scream it makes Mommy and Daddy sad."
"I'm sad, too," she replied.
"Why are you sad?"
"We are out of chocolate, and I don't have any in my hand."
She held out her hand and forlornly looked at it. Isn't that just heart wrenching? I know I feel dreadfully sorry for the poor deprived little addict.


Kim J. said...

Oh I totally understand how she feels. I go through something similar on days I am out of chocolate. Luckily my husband is also an addict so we are rarely out of chocolate for long.

Dansie Family said...

did your chicken turn out okay.

Jess said...

I made that same bark recipe...isn't it yummy?

Jesse said...

I am so related to that little munchkin :) And you need to keep that picture handy for her first date.

Saddie and Levi said...

we must be kindred spirits! i cry when i'm out of chocolate too! boo hoo!

The Rookie said...

There is something maniacal in that chocolate-y smile.


Anonymous said...

LOL! She is very advanced for her age.