05 December 2008

A MoTheR's PrAyeR

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my beautiful adorable little children.

Please bless my sanity to last through the terrible twos, threes, teenage years, etc.

Also, a case of laryngitis would be helpful because my will is recently occasionally unable to overcome my vocal chords in the matter of speaking gently to my little ones.

Thanks also for my co-captain of the family ship. It helps a lot that he is extremely handsome and has large biceps.

Much love,



amy said...

dear lord,

may my fertility hold out long enough for me to take the insane plunge into motherhood.

you may need to drug me.



msjvd said...

dear Lord,
Please let Jenny bring her kidlets and funny-hunny to visit me someday?
Auntie M

Claire said...

Cute, Jen. :) You should write a song.

Hey It's Di said...

Enjoy those little ones. They grow up and then you realize that teenagers = wrinkles, more sleepless nights, headaches and STRESS!! I'm not sure any prayer will help me at this point;)