28 December 2008

Rowena Reviews

I've been meaning to review some things for awhile now.

Kung Fu Panda: Five of five on the bodacity scale. I like the whole "your perception can determine your reality" idea, especially with regards to adoption. I wish I could perceive that my house was cleaner than it actually is and have it magically be so.

North and South: Mr. Thornton is tall, dark, angry, and delicious. (Not as yummy as my Colin Firth resembling husband, mind you, but yummy.) Also, the BBC made film is not about the Civil War, so while you do see a guy get punched and kicked, you are spared the splattered guts and blood that are typical of the war movie canon. Lack of blood and gore and proliferation of romance and broody Byronic heroes are always a bonus for me.

The Host: In spite of its occasional grammatical unorthodoxy and teen girl-like heroine, I liked it. I admit to liking Stephenie Meyers works. I also admit that I prefer to read Gail Carson Levine over Joseph Conrad. So sue me.

The Paper Bag Christmas: I'm pretty sure there is some generic novel churn somewhere that cranks these emotional gentle fictions out early every holiday season. If you liked The Wednesday Letters, you will likely enjoy this, though it is not as well written. I enjoyed it, though I often feel jaded after having my tears jerked. And sometimes I enjoy reading books just because it means I am not doing dishes or changing stinky pants.

Prince Caspian: (The next Chronicles of Narnia Movie) I enjoyed it in spite of much fighting and a cameo by the makeupless white witch-hag. Even if CS Lewis is posthumously limitedly involved, his works apparently win me. The Prince Caspian actor is extremely handsome. When a friend pointed out that in hotness he and Susan were unequally yoked for their relationship, Alex observed that only one person in any given relationship should look like a beautiful woman.

The Gods Must Be Crazy: I watched part of this when I was a teenager and thought it was lame and boring. I watched it a few months ago and laughed very hard. The documentary approach and sheer absurdity of the premise had Alex and I cracking up. If you have Netflix and are over twenty-five with an unusual sense of humor, you might want to queue this film.


Hey It's Di said...

My Dad considers "The Gods Must Be Crazy" as his all time favorite! YES he is over 25 and he definitely has a warped sense of humor!! I may have to watch it again now that I fit that category. (I too watched it for the first time as a teenager...didn't find the humor:)

amy said...

The Gods Must be Crazy will be queued.

Also, Alex is funny and I agree with his observation about the Caspian Movie.

Jessi said...

I LOVE "The Gods must be Crazy". We watched it again this holiday season and now my kids are saying "aye, aye, aye" to everything.

Lori said...

The Gods Must be Crazy is a classic! There is a second one that is not quite as good in my opinion. We will have to watch Prince Caspin. Thanks for the info.

The Rookie said...

I need Netflix. It is official. The investment must be worth it! Besides, all anyone talks about is their queue.

Also, Mr. Thornton still has me swooning. As do most Byronic heroes (love that literary name-dropping, by the way). You may have found your Mr. Darcy in Alex. I'm hoping my Mr. Thornton shows up already. Preferably on my doorstep as I don't like to go out in the cold much.

The Yoder's Three said...

Lori, you haven't seen Prince Caspian?!?!?!?!? The time has come for you to experience the smoldering dark eyes and ridiculously good looks of Caspian. (and the relative plainness of Susan). I think that's so funny--Mark and I had that exact same conversation about those two. Maybe it was her prowess with a bow and arrow that won him over.

www.potsandpins.com said...

If I could write like you I would give up my day job! Oh wait, I don't have a day job...I would give up chocolate then...what am I saying?! I must be crazy because I could never do that, not even for your talent...I guess I have nothing to give up...I'll just HOPE to have your talent. That's all. Nothing more.

Dansie Family said...

i loved prince caspian, but was surprised at how intense and lord of the rings-esque it was. i don't think i can let porter watch it. can i borrow the host? i've been meaning to read that, but i need to finish animal farm first (which shouldn't take long, its only 80 pages).

angela michelle said...

Okay, I will queue GMBC. With you on the beauty of Prince Caspian, and chuckling over the one-beautiful-woman-per-couple comment. My boys were MAJORLY annoyed by the snarky kiss at the end of the movie.