15 January 2009

Me, Yesterday

Thanks for all the kind expressions and sentiments in this difficult time.


Jesse said...

I'm very proud for your self-discipline. Don't give in to the chocolate. Just say no.

Kimi said...

Together we can get through this difficult chocolateless time.

angela michelle said...

Yes but I have pounds of pounds of M&Ms, mint patties, and these DELISH chocolate truffles in my pantry leftover from holiday parties. All I have to do is get a stool, reach to the back corner on the top shelf (where I tried to hide them from myself), and screw off the lid (which I tightened to try to discourage myself). And no, I haven't read the label.

msjvd said...

Nutella. That's not chocolate, is it? I gave you some. It's in your fridge.

"Come to me, Jennifer. I am waiting in your fridge. Just a spoonful of me never hurt anyone. Come to me, my darling Jennifer. Come. Come. Come."


msjvd said...

Jennifer: they sell jars of Nutella just like the one I gave you... TWO/$6.98 at the Costco down the road from where I am staying.

I'll buy some before I make that next cross-country swing past your place. ;)