05 January 2009

New Years Resolutions

As a dutiful wife I would like to set the following New Years Resolution for my husband: To not accidentally grind any limbs, self-maim, or die in the garage while working on any of his sundry projects.

My resolutions are as follows:
*Quit sweating bullets while leading the children's music at church.
*Quit being so cynical.
*Potty train Grace. (Cue horror music.)


The Yoder's Three said...

Sigh....I'm beginning to despair of Madelyn ever attending public school because of her stubborn refusal to JUST GO ON THE DANG POTTY. At least you have another year or two before that will be a problem for Grace. (Although I'm sure you could sure use the $$$...two kids in diapers...)

Dansie Family said...

i just don't make them because what's the point if I never keep them.

amy said...

Ryan and I have a January resolution related to cynicism. He and I became friends (and spouses) largely because of our shared ability to detect any and all mockables, no matter the circumstances. After five years of shared knowing looks (did you HEAR what she SAID!!!???!!!) we decided we needed a break. The rule is that for every cynical/negative thing we utter about someone/something we are obliged to say two nice things about that person/thing as penance. We call them two-fers and we are allowed to call them on ourselves or each other, no justification needed.

I'll be Pollyanna by Valentine's.

Good luck. I hope your spouse retains life and limb. Those creative types are really at risk.