24 January 2009

One Word Tag

(See the end of this post for photographic explanation)
This is a tag from my baby sissy pooh pooh pants. I will be, as usual, paring the tag down and making up my own rules. I am going to use only adjectives for my single-word answers. And Sammy, beamommy is not a legitimate single word, though I have every intention of cheating on this tag as well.

only one word

significant other? muscular
favorite thing? chocolatey
Your favorite drink? pina coladaish
Your fear? hairy
Where were you last night? lemonadeless
What are you wearing? unkempt
Your pet? dead
Your mood? cranky
Your car? clean
Favorite store? inexpensive cheap
Favorite color? vivid

I left the car one in there because I can so rarely boast of its cleanliness. I tag anyone who wants to do it. You'd probably better get the tag from Sammy, though, because I deleted rather a lot. When I proofread, I noticed that if I read really fast it looks like "Your feet: Hairy." Just remember, it's FEAR. I'm afraid of big hairy monsters. My feet are not (very) hairy.


Gina said...

One of my most vivid memories of Molokai with you is our super-dooper clean truck. :)

Hey It's Di said...

You crack me up! I love your one word answers. I can't say that my car is clean right now though:-(