29 January 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Today I took the munchkins outside for a little sunshine, and while I was watching them I started playing a game where I imagined up lives and stories for the people who drove by.

First, I saw a couple who was young and struggling because she stayed at home with their children, and he was unemployed and looking for work. They were on their way to pick up their children after a job interview.

Then, I saw an older guy with a mustache, who lost his job because he was sexually harrassing all of the females who weighed less than 400 lbs. He was on his way to look for a new job.

Then I saw a lady with those big glamorous sunglasses that make a woman look like a bee, and I realized that she was employed, but she secretly worried about her job because of the economy and her catty relations with her co-workers.

Then I realized that there was a pattern to this game, and it wasn't that fun anymore. So I just watched Henry gnaw a pine cone while Grace made faces at him.


The Rookie said...

I do the same thing! In fact, I love the airport for this exact reason. But those are all rather glum stories. Mine usually involve scandals such as adultery.

Do you think people could psychoanalyze us for this?

Melissa said...

I was just going to say almost exactly what The Rookie said! I always envision peoples' life stories, and the stories usually seem to include their marital discord!

What is wrong with me????

Dansie Family said...

if you need to people watch more come to the hall park today. there are a few going at 11:30ish.

Amy Huntington said...

I love that this ended with Grace making faces at Henry for chewing on a pinecone. :) I like simple funny things like that.

Hey It's Di said...

You were probably pretty close on those stories...at least the job part;)

Nick and Heidi said...

I love to people watch. It drives Nick crazy when we go out to eat, so I try to sit whatever way I can that I won't look to much at everyone.