24 February 2009

Bitter Young Hag

I was talking to a friend who has had a lot of trouble due to the whole nasty mortgage crisis debacle, and I have to say that I can see her side of the story. She was told by four different professional people that they were approved for the loan they got on their house and that everything was going to be just fine and it would work out and the loan was secure, and on and on and blah de blah de blah...

I was reading the news about our awesome president elect who is still working on healthcare reform (even though the whole medicaid, medicare, and social security systems are going to go bankrupt years before people my age ever see benefits from the programs we spend on in every paycheck). I admire Obama for sticking by his guns of hopefulness and attempting to keep campaign promises and elicit change even after overwhelming DC reality has begun to set in.

I was thinking about the Great Depression and how some of the laws that came from that era were repealed by certain wife-cheating-onning leaders and their administrations, and how rosey eyed lenders and mortgage people started looting the sleazy easy banks and hedge funds to buy inflated-priced houses for people who shouldn't have been given loans in the first place, leading to a greedy bacchanalian subprime mortgage festival the likes of which Americans have seldom seen and a resulting mortgage crisis driven recession. (Whew, say that in one breath.)

And after all of this, what I want to know is, would the world be a better place if everyone else were JADED, SUSPICIOUS, WARY, AND BITTER LIKE ME?
*sorry this one has been building up waiting to blow out into the blogosphere for some time.


Amy Huntington said...

I wish I weren't so stupid, I have no clue what your 3rd paragraph/sentence is saying! haha, but whatever it says, I agree, because you are smart and I love you! hehe. (I do agree that people are getting into houses that they will never be able to afford, and that is a big problem. It is so much more wise to just live within your means!)

Holly said...

I agree about being rejected by mortgage companies. We were just approved for our home loan, but in order to be approved, the mortgage company was FORCED to do an under-the-table interest rate hike right before closing, even though we had "locked" in at a lower rate. "Lots of people would love to have this interest rate. You should just be happy your loan was approved," I was told.