20 February 2009

The Bright Side

*If it is water that the child spills all over the table, stools, and floor, perhaps some of those stool rungs that you never quite get around to will be sparkle clean now.

*If the diaper is particularly full, the baby should be less cranky because he is regular.

*If Monday is mostly over, the laundry is mostly done.
*If you need to lock yourself in the bathroom, at least you'll have someplace to go.

*If only the stretch pants fit, you will be comfortable.

*If the stretch pants don't even fit, it's time to buy new clothes. Yay!

* If munchkin 1 doesn't take more than a 45 minute nap EVER, you will be extra specially bonded to him because you get to be with him for so very very many waking moments.

*If munchkin 1 doesn't go to bed until 3 a. m. on the trip to great grandmother's house, she will sleep the entire way back the next day.

*Adrenaline accompanies sleep deprivation. Wheee! La la la!

So what's the bright side of your life right now?


Anonymous said...

My cousin keeps saying she is jealous of my semi-bedresting condition, but honestly it's not that fun to *have* to lie down while the household spins out of control around me.

Whoops, that's not a bright side, is it?

How 'bout, "Less than 2 weeks to my duedate now!"

amy said...

I am currently reading a book about positive psychology. Perhaps you should write one. La la la.

miss marie said...

who needs sleep, anyway? definately not mom's!

matze: the ancient ritual of corn removal from the teeth, originating in ancient somolia.

Gina said...

Thanks for the laugh! This hits home in so many ways!

The Rookie said...

After this wretched week is over I'm going to Las Vegas for a four-day vacation. That really is a bright side. I'm choosing to not think about the growing list of responsibilities being added to the following week.

Hey It's Di said...

Wow! I need some practice! I'm stuck here with my glass half empty at the moment;)