05 February 2009

High School

This is Alex's version of the grand drama of the high school experience for a select few:

"My life is in crisis and I don't know why. Let's make out in front of your locker until I feel better."


msjvd said...

So... you knew Alex in high school.

What are the two of you telling us, Jenn?

Jen said...

For the record, neither of us kissed ANYONE until we were 23. (And we have never kissed anyone but each other. You might say we have issues.)

The Rookie said...

When they do this at the lockers outside of my classroom I harass them about it in my best stage voice.

"Oh-hoa-hoa-hoa" (this is me--fake crying as I get closer and closer and uncomfortably closer to the scene). "It is so beautiful, seeing you two young ones in love like this."

That usually breaks it up until after class is over.

Kimi said...

Ahh the good old days, hehe

Amy Huntington said...

Hahahaha I love that little quote from Alex. I remember this attitude during middle school, but I didn't kiss till 16. :) Good thing too! haha.