25 February 2009

Random Food Stuff

Yesterday I steamed broccoli and beets over the top of my rice, and the rice came out a beautiful yet absurd flaming orange and red. Grace ate some, which made me feel like I clandestinely sneakily evilly got her some secret nutrition against her will. Bwa ha ha ha.

Also, I tried this recipe from 101cookbooks, and Alex and I were both very pleased with the results, and I especially liked her idea of slicing the veggie burgers in half and filling them with good stuff. I liked it with hummus, avocado, sprouts, and tomato.

I know, this is like, the most exciting post EVER!


Dansie Family said...

beets!?! yuck!

miss marie said...

way to be evil and force feed your children nutritional food. may i follow your diabolical example!

The Rookie said...

I'm just jealous of the sun that is clearly shining in that photo. LUCKY!

Jen said...

Dansie, I can't believe you don't like beets. They are Nature's Candy!

Join me in any evil pursuit any time, Marie.

Rookie, you may come and stay in Henry's room anytime you need a little sunshine.

Dansie Family said...

how was pampered chef party? sorry i didn't make it, i had a camp meeting.