11 February 2009

Rowena Reviews

It's time for another exciting edition of Rowena Reviews!

The Sisters Grimm series, by Michael Buckley
These are lighthearted children's gumshoe books, and I love them. They are always a quick easy read, have a basic lesson, and have a sprinkling of lighthearted sarcasm. There are currently six available for reading. The seventh comes out in May this year, and Michael Buckley intends to write at least eight or nine of them.

Georgette Heyer
I've been reading Heyer because Heidi mentioned her in passing awhile back, and I pretty much stalk Heidi and mimic her because she is a pinnacle of awesomeness (She even has her own chickens). I like the sparkling dialogue of Heyer's books my overly cautious side robs me of the joy at engagements that occur after a few weeks of acquaintance. (It took me about ten years of acquaintance to decide.) I recently read Lady of Quality, and Cousin Kate, which caused my laundry to sit on my coffee table for an extra two days. Cousin Kate was more dramatic and gothic than the other two Heyers I've read so far. Cotillion was probably my favorite of the three.
Titan, by Ron Chernow
I have been reading the literary/culinary equivalent of marshmallows for months and I finally get a nice literary steak, and what do I get? The choice between late fees or patience. Some JERK requested this book so I couldn't renew it when I was about seven or eight chapters in. I have requestified it right back, because what I had read thus far was fascinating.

Movie: Cranford
My HSBFF brought this BBC Drama by, and it did not disappoint. I loved all of the absurdity, ups, and downs of a town run by prudish spinsters. The film is a combination of three novels by Elizabeth Gaskill, so if you liked North and South you would probably enjoy this film (unless you can't handle gore—there is a nasty broken arm and another bloody scene that are rather intense—email if you need details). A favorite quote: "I would not care to teach the globes, for I never did like the notion that the world is round. Makes me feel so giddy." -Miss Mattie

*If you are wondering: Netflix images are MUCH smaller than Amazon's. I think this is significant because books always give a much bigger picture.


Melanie said...

I just read an awesome book that was VERY hard to put down, but you find you need to just to calm your nerves. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

The Rookie said...

I am saving Cranford and perhaps a few other BBC delights for April during my spring break. I love looking forward to these things. "Cotillion" looks lovely. I too worship Heidi. She oozes awesomeness.

Holly said...

I'm excited to read some of these. The Heyer books look awesome! I just finished The Hunger Games as well. Definitely do not start that book if you REALLY want to get anything done. I'm looking forward to the sequel, which I just heard was due for release on Sept. 8th!

Heidi said...

Wow. I'm feeling rather awesome after visiting here. It is sorely needed today, so thank you.

Simply, Sarah said...

I find "Sisters Grimm-isms" in everyday life. No one in my family would read them, so I couldn't share what was so funny. Finally, Andy consented to read at least the first one. He's taking his sweet time with it though :( Sometimes I've just gotta share the Sisters Grimm humor!

angela michelle said...

My big boys love the Sisters Grimm books. I have the same problems with reading dense nonfiction.

Cory Reese said...

You call me a JERK? Fine. I'll just tell the library Titan got lost.

Only kidding. I didn't check out the book. Don't egg my house.

I posted some book reviews about 20 minutes ago. I'll remember the Netflix info for next time.