03 February 2009

Terms of Endearment

It all started with stinky bear. I have been referring to Henry as my little stinky bear for some time, to the chagrin and distress of various relatives. My niece asked why I call him that, and I cleverly replied in my most grown-up voice, "Because he's snuggly wuggly like a witto bear, and he often smells stinkely winkely." Lately, Alex has observed that my motherly heart is springing forth with even more dreadful nicknames for our dear little son.

Today I called him sugary bugary pugary pooh and realized that the time has come for drastic measures—regardless of how accurately parts of the name apply to him during different times of day.

What terms of endearment can you offer me that do not involve bodily functions, parts, or excretions? I'm leaning toward huggley buggley bear.


Cory Reese said...

When Jackson was little he had some little fleece slippers so I called him Bootsie. I recently told him about this old nickname and saw a few school papers where he had written:

Name: Jackson Reese (Bootsie)

I'll make sure he doesn't tell his friends this when in middle school.

Gina said...

We called our jackson "bugga boy" when he was a baby. (Who knows!) Now he's "buddy," and occasionally "bubba." Avery is simply "baby" and occasionally "Avery Janie."

Dansie Family said...

eliza is sweet pea when she is sweet. james is often referred to as bubba. and when any of them is not sweet, they become "dude", in a very exasperated tone. and i can't think of my nice nickname for porter because i haven't used it for a while, that boy is a handful lately.

Jillybean said...

When Aaron (8) was a baby, we called him "Chubbalicious" because he was.

Word Verification unfin - Something that is not a fin.
or kidspeak-
"Hey Mom! I need to tell you unfin!

msjvd said...

I still remember one of your brothers (fondly referred to as "Stinker-boy" because at age three, he would sit on my knee while playing video games and pass gas.

Charming memories.

Amy said...

Spencer is often referred to as buddy or Jared likes Danger Mouse. Sammi Jo has always been Babes, Pumpkin or Sweetie by Jared. I can't believe you come up with such long nicknames. I am always trying to shorten their names.

Kimi said...

I might not be the best person to give advice since I call my Laynee Stinkerbelle or Chunka Lunka. I used to call my boys Bebe or Monkey or Bubba

Lori said...

I am definitely no help. Hattie's nicknames:

Hattie Fatty (not very popular with a few people)
Princess poopy pants

Those are the three we call her. They are not very often anymore. It's more in a loving tone whenever we refer to her as one of these nicknames. I don't think that they will stick once she is older. We will probably come up with different ones depending on what she is doing in that stage of her life.

The Yoder's Three said...

Madelyn has always been our "Little Miss," although now we just call her "Miss." Or, "Bossy Pants." I don't find a problem with "Stinky Bear," if that's what he really is. The only other thing I could think of would have something to do with his adorable, chubby, rosy, delicious cheeks like "Henry Penry pudding pie."

Melissa said...

I have a former "Woozie Woozie Woo Woo" is currently "The Woo." Interestingly, though, her sister simply calls her "Stink."

More grammar, please.

*hangs head*

I am such a geek!

angela michelle said...

sweet potato is one of our faves.

michelle said...

Chloe was Chloe Banoli, which was later shortened to Banoles. Which kind of sounds like Beyonce Knowles squished together and we had no idea who she was at the time
Chloe calls Jace lovey, cutes, or love.
As in "LOVE! Stop messing up my picture"
The only time he is actually called Jace is when someone asks his name LOL

Heidi said...

I have no help for you. My children all answer to "turkey butt". And yes, it was meant LIKE THAT.