07 March 2009

Cheerios, etc.

Here are a few reasons I posted seldom last week:

1. a. As pictured above, I started using up these scraps because I have had the quilting bug. I might give the quilt to a cousin who is pregnant with twins (poor, poor dear!), but I bought some other fabric to make her something, so we'll see.

b. As pictured above, Grace thinks it is wicked awesome to ask for many bowls, plates, and napkins full of food and then not eat them. The resultant anger, frustration, and dishwashing rob me of my will to live—much less blog.

2. I've been overwhelmed trying to think of low fat items for my husband to eat. Above is the chickpea veggie burger recipe from 101cookbooks.com, which I enjoyed a lot. Especially when it was on my kindergarten plate, which I laboriously inscribed with a bunny, an owl, and an ornate, delicate castle. And some pink and yellow blobs and scribbles.

3. It's difficult to blog when you are overwhelmed with disgust and envy that your husband has *lost 30 lbs in the last two months—even if he says you look thin when you have only lost 1/6th of what he has lost. I suppose a good haircut covers a multitude of lbs. Thanks Bonnie.
* A side note: A few people have asked how Alex has lost all of this weight. It's really complicated and difficult. 1. He ate less, and 2. he exercised more. Mostly he just ate less. The lame thing is that men can lose weight like this. They are not like women who are much more emotionally complex in every way, including their intricate relationships with food (which food returns the love by spending quality time with woman's hips).
4. My blowdrier sparked at me last week, causing a major hair crisis because it took several days to get a new blow drier. (See last sentence of #3 again.) Now, I have a golden blowdrier of happiness that infuses my life and hair with joy and volume every day, returning my will to live, and blog.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Men can simply say, "I want to lose weight" and it is done. Someday, my friend, justice will be served. (I've got a long list - most of it includes events surrounding bearing children.)

Queen Elizabeth said...

P.S. Soon I'll post my crock-pot chicken fajitas. I don't think there's any fat in them - until you add all of the yummy stuff in the tortilla! ;)

Jen said...

Yay! I'll be excited to try them. Tomorrow I am trying a recipe for black bean veggie burgers.

miss marie said...

live on, jenny. live on.

Gina said...

Love the random thoughts. I love the quilt. A-MAZ-ING.
Good luck with the weight loss. We've fallen off the wagon here. Dang! But we'll get back up soon. :)

angela michelle said...

wow, i wish i had that golden blowdryer.

my husand doesn't lose weight. he just gains 30 pounds and looks EXACTLY THE SAME as ever.

i've tried several "burger" recipes, and they're all good but way to time-consuming. i'd love to hear your fave.

The Rookie said...

I am totally overwhelmed by blogging lately. Not that there aren't things I need to blog about, but actually hooking the camera up to the computer to post about it all seems overwhelming. So does commenting. Basically, I'm getting lazier.

Love the quilt.

The Yoder's Three said...

HOLY COW, Alex. You really wanted to win that Biggest Loser contest, didn't you? Wow.

Jen--keep up the good work. Even slow progress means that you're probably losing fat and will be able to keep it off. Yay!

Nick * Heidi said...

Alex looks really good. I've always hated that men could lose quicker than women. When most of the time they could care less.

Great job on the quilt. I've always wanted to be a great quilter like my grandma was, but in truth I hated the stitching part, hurt my fingers too much. So I tried crosstitching and that's my forte.

Love, Love your posts, my mom loves them too, you keep her laughing. =)

Holly said...

Super cute quilt! I love its bright random colors. Happy blocks.