12 April 2009


If you will carefully examine exhibit A you will see in exhibits B and C that Grace has inherited her father's special talent for Good Art.

Exhibit B
Exhibit C

I will not be posting the picture she drew that looked like a large marshmallow with a tiny face at the top, stick arms, and feet, about which she said, "That's you." I do have some dignity.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful.

I LOVE kid art, and I have the binders full of my kids' drawings (and thick stacks of free-floating drawings) to prove it.

Heidi said...

That would be the same reason that I didn't post the anatomically correct picture of me that my daughter drew and gave to her Sunbeam teachers.

Fortunately, they gave it back to me instead of hanging it on their fridge.

Brittany said...

I was so taken aback when I saw Grace drawing the other day with such careful concentration and how she was holding her pencil and sort shading things into being like Alex does! She has a gift just like her daddy!

The Rookie said...

Lovely drawings. Lovely Grace. And yet another lovely Photoshop diagram.

msjvd said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer! I love you. :)