17 April 2009

Gardening Bug

One of the worst things about planting a garden is that every day you go out to check on it and it hasn't magically burst forth with fruit and vegetables overnight. I sing songs to my plants and pinch the leaves to make sure they are strong and not too cold. A few days ago I put milk jug halves over the tops of them when Her Evil Highness Mother Nature decided to SNOW on them. I even breathed hot air into the tops of the jugs to make the little darlings cozy. Still they do not produce fresh glorious edible vegetables for ME (and my Easter candy consuming family)!

Lucky for my impatient self, I have found a quick fix that will give me a nutritious and edible product in 3 to 5 days. Thanks dear parents and in-laws for the lovely (money) birthday sprouting trays, alfalfa seeds and salad mix (purchased with said money). When the last jar-grown batch crawled out and started plotting to take over the free world before we could eat them, I knew it was time for a change. These are just what I wanted.


angela michelle said...

I've gotta learn to do that. So you're sprouting a whole salad?

Jen said...

I don't actually know what sprouts out of the "salad mix," whether it is actually intended to be a salad in and of itself or an ingredient in a salad. 2 to 4 more days will tell. But it's way more exciting than 55 to 78 days for the dang tomatoes.

myimaginaryblog said...

Ooh, make sure to post after they sprout, because I'm highly curious.

You know the other frustrating thing about gardens, and, even more so, fruit trees? When they do produce, it's at a very busy time of year (back-to-school,) and it's hard to find the time to process and store them. (Spoken as a woman who still has plums in my freezer that are intended to become fruit leather.)