21 April 2009


I haven't made a list in awhile, and after reading a good one at Kate and Neil's, I thought I'd have a go.

Things that ought not to go together, but often do.

Socks, sandals
Brown, black
Red, pink
Heavy wind, nest of tiny helpless baby birds
Knives, my clumsy hands
Wiggly little boys, stinky diapers, poor innocent saintly yet beautiful mother hands
Any manner of children's sticker, any manner of hard surface
Children, any manner of writing utensil
Guns, alcohol
Refrigerator depths, tupperware full of leftovers
Vampires, adolescents
Bald heads, bad combovers
Milk, my kitchen floor
Good song, na na lyrics

Help me out here. I'm sure you know of some.


Angie Lewis said...

screaming child, clock that reads 2am

Saddie and Levi said...

new garden, stick wielding little boy

brownies, nuts

crayons, sunshine

as for pink and red, I have to argue that point. though i don't think anyone could argue the comb-over, bald head point!

BTW great picture! isn't that the guy on a funny thing happened on the way to the forum?

speaking of which: mare sweat, beverage! lol

The Rookie said...

Running behind schedule, bad traffic.

It is a daily battle for me.

amy said...

perfect weather, finals

Anonymous said...

My children, scissors
My children, markers
My children, butter
My children, water
My children, paint
My children, dirt
My children, syrup

(I think you get the idea.)

Anonymous said...

Being sick, Wedding Anniversary

Waking up late for work,uncooperative hair

Happens way too much in my life!

I love your list! It's so true there are alot of things that shouldn't go together but do.

- Alicia Jensen

Stephanie said...

diet coke and keyboards.

she said, as she de-lurked in turn.

sammygrace said...

sammy, morning.

Kate said...

On a bad day I would add:
People who care about anything but being rich, law school.

Today is a good day & I love your nest one. In Mexico a hummninbird made a low nest in our courtyard on a flimsy branch. We couldn't see those eggs crash during the storms & we constructed an umbrella cover just for that branch... we may have saved the shallow end of the hummingbird gene pool, but it was worth it to see those babies.


www.potsandpins.com said...

Good list...I would add the mister and me! Ever been to Freda's Hive? She was just in Southern Utah and had a picture of the Mainstreet Quilt shop...I must go there one day! Anyway, she has a great blog with great projects - check her out at: http://fredashive.blogspot.com/
xo, Nan

Hey It's Di said...

Big feet, little puppies
stretch pants, fat women
white dress shirt, baby or toddler

Jen said...

I love SO MANY of these list items I can't even fawn over all of them.

Cory Reese said...

Diet and Coke
The 80's and Rock Music
Big Mac and My Stomach
Men and Speedos