08 April 2009


Dear Taxes,

You are lame. I hate you.

no love, Jen

Dear Black Stretch Pants,

You are awesome. I love you. Be mine forever.

love, Jen

Dear Oldest Daughter,

You are cute and funny and I wish you were potty trained magically with no effort from myself.

love, Mom

Dear Son,

Thank you for taking a nap for longer than 30 minutes today. You have renewed my faith in miracles.

love, Mom

Dear First Spin Class,

You were fun. I'll be back.

love, the sweaty one who rode slowest in the back corner

Dear Marie,

I love your angry tirades. Please write them as often as you please.

love, Jen

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for the apricot bread. Please post the recipe, so I can make more and snarf it with munchkins one and two until the spin class does me no good again soon.

love, Jen


Simply, Sarah said...

Spin class is awesome! And, it's the only exercise at the gym that doesn't make some part of my tired, old (only 33 though) body hurt.
I am envious that your hubby could lose so much weight!
I've been working out for over a year and haven't experienced any glamorous body changes like he did. Wish my face was leaner...Congrats to both of you!

amy said...

I was also the slow one in the back corner of a spin class today. Just thought I'd mention for the sake of solidarity.

You are funny.

Anonymous said...

Dear Little Gym,

If my son, who will be a little older than 3 by the time the fall semester starts, isn't potty trained by then, will you give me a full refund of his tuition? Otherwise I'm leery to sign him up.



Dansie Family said...

you are cute. i am glad you liked spin. you should totally come back. they also teach it on wed nights and sat mornings. apricot bread recipe is coming soon. i just took pictures. also, to get you motivated for spin, i am posting the most divine strawberry cake recipe soon.

miss marie said...

dear jen,

i am far too honored my pychotic rants made it to your famous and awesome blog.

thank you, and please testify in my behalf on the other side.

love, marie.

miss marie said...

dear jen,

i misspelled psychotic. it needs an s. go figure.

love, marie.

The Rookie said...

Dear Jen,

Thank you for blogging. It gave me something delicious to read at school whilst awaiting the arrival of spring break.

Your Self-Appointed #1 Fan

Jen said...

Psychotic, kindred spirit, for some of us, it's all the same.

Jill said...

Dear taxes,

Thanks for the refund