27 April 2009


Twenty-five points if you can guess what this Honey-nut Cheerios box
has in common with this blog post (by yours truly) at the Hurricane Times. Maybe a loaf of homemade bread, too, if you live close enough.


The Rookie said...

Juan So-Who?

I have no idea what the similarities are, but I am glad to know you survived the Rick Springfield concert, in-laws in tow.

(PS word verification: "lushers" which you and said in-laws would have been were your mother-in-law in charge).

Jillybean said...

Did you win a breakfast with Jaun?
Did this famous professional soccer player/actor/model sit next to you at the concert?
Do you wish he had?

Jessi said...

You found the tickets to the concert in the cereal box!?

Dansie Family said...

loved the article. when i invited tom to the concert he said that exact thing, rick who? glad you had fun and especially glad you got to enjoy frozen custard. i love their custard, but hate the restaurant. it is not very clean and the staff is not very friendly, but all worth it for the frozen bliss.

Jen said...

Actually, my dear mother-in-law was joking about the drinking. We had some excited people in front of us that we suspected of having a little chemical help to relax.

We did not win the breakfast, nor did we wish we had. I'm glad no one has guessed so far, because it speaks well of your television watching habits. (That's a hint.)

Anonymous said...

I tried, but I give up.

Holly said...

I don't watch tv, so I'm sure I have no idea what answer you are looking for. I don't mind that almost all famous people are unrecognizable to me.