27 May 2009

Blackbean Tortilla Recipe

The other day I I had my wheat grinder out. I ground some wheat. Boring. Then, I ground some black beans. Exciting. Then, just to flip my skirt, I tried making homemade tortillas with half blackbean flour and half white flour. Here is the recipe:

1 1/4 C. black bean flour
1 C white flour
+ some flour for rolling, etc.
1-1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 tsp vegetable oil (pretty sure I accidentally put two Tbsp. Oops.)
+ some oil for frying tortillas
3/4 C lukewarm milk

Sift together dry ingredients.
Stir together wet ingredients.
Doughify both together.
Allow to rest for 20 minutes. It will not rise, but let it rest.
Separate into four large balls or six small balls. Let rest another 10 to 15 minutes.

Roll out with a broom-handle sized rolling pin and plenty of flour. Some people might think you need a tortilla press here. Nope. You need a large dowel or a broom handle. Tortilla presses are for corn tortilla making.

Fry tortillas over medium high heat, preferrably on cast iron or something that distributes heat evenly and slowly.

What I learned:

1. Black bean flour creates a very soft and supple dough. It also creates a soft tortilla that is not suitable for wrapping and lifting anything, such as burrito or taco filling. (This could have been due to the accidental oil overage. I still suspect the bean flour because wheat flour has that whole gluten thing going for it.) However, the bean flour creates a nice flavor and softness that is great if you don't mind eating the burrito with a fork. We also tried dipping the beantillas in a flavored olive oil, which was delicious.

2. Do not confuse black bean tortillas with flat, fried dehydrated cookies 'n cream ice cream. The resemblance is uncanny, but the two items don't taste the same at all. If you look closely you will see that there are no cookie chunks in the tortillas.


Dansie Family said...

you are so creative. how fun. can you just grind the beans in a regular old-school wheat grinder?

Jen said...

Yeah, they seemed to grind faster and easier than regular wheat. I got the idea from my SIL, who had an enrichment on food storage, etc. It seems like they said something about putting bean flour in bread or other recipes.

The cannery has black beans in a #10 can for $4-something. Super deal if you don't mind soaking and boiling or crock-potting them.

laceeJ said...

thanks for the recipe! I learned frem Andrea LeBaron that ground beans can be a substitute for oil...so that may explain the 'oil overage'.

The Rookie said...

If ever I marry and produce offspring, I am going to show up on your doorstep and offer myself as your apprentice for the week. My Domestication has to happen somehow and you, dear Jen, would train me quite rightly.

The Farnsworths said...

Wow, Jen, you are ambitious! Good work! You amaze me with your domestic abilities.:)

Anonymous said...

Very creative, and they look delicious.

Saddie and Levi said...

Yum yum! What an excellent way to introduce a variety of nutrients and rotate food storage. I'm SO going to try this!

hannah said...

Oh I love it! I was reading Zina's blog and randomly clicked your name and now I have a new tortilla recipe. It's kind of like winning the lottery, but without money.

Rita B said...

Black beans are the BEST! I love them cooked, but get impatient when I want to use them in a recipe. I love black bean flour and have recipes for many bean, pea and lentil flours in my book "Country Beans".

In your tortillas, if you use only 1/4 black bean flour and 3/4 wheat flour, the pretty purple color will still be there, but the tortillas will still wrap well.

I tried Black Bean Brownies using canned beans, but it's hard to find ones without added preservatives or chemicals. Tonight I decided to take a regular recipe and just use bean flour instead of drained and rinsed canned beans. They're AWESOME! I just put all the other ingredients together first, and then added enough black bean flour to make the right texture.

If you have a favorite recipe, try it using this method. If you're interested, I'll post mine here.

I will definitely be testing a lot more bean-flour-only recipes in baking!

I work with a lot of people who need gluten-free recipes, and this works out perfectly.

Maryan said...

I love visiting your blog. There's something new and exciting every time. I want to grind some beans too! That sounds so tastey and good for you too! So fun Jen!!