14 May 2009

Change, Other Disasters.

There is this old saying that "the only constant is change." This truth is most inconvenient for me, as is illustrated in a recent conversation between Alex and me:

Me: "It's not that I mind the change. I can deal with change. Well . . . actually . . ."

Alex: "You HATE change."

Me: "Yes, actually. I do hate change."

I hate change. There it is. I have let it out there into the universe.

However, luckily, I do not have to deal with the change of moving into a new house with all new insurance-purchased possessions. Because you see, while the children and I were happily playing in their birthday pool yesterday, Alex in his home-owning wisdom decided to protect his young and beloved by ridding us of the ubiquitous wasps and their pernicious nests. With a blow torch. And cooking spray.

So today's helpful hint is:

If you use a homemade blow-torch to burn down a wasps nest under metal roofing and raingutter, sure the house won't technically start on fire. The dead leaves and other debris in the raingutter could possibly light on fire. So you might want to have a kiddie pool nearby. If you throw kiddie pool water on the flames, and a large amount of smoke starts billowing—get the hose.


msjvd said...

Pictures? Um, other than the cute young 'uns?

Jen said...

We didn't take pictures because the damage was so minimal. There is just a little bit of gray where he was burning the nest. It was really a good thing, because we needed to get rid of the leaves and junk in that raingutter anyway. :)

Queen Elizabeth said...

Ok, I hate "LOL" (don't know why... just do) but this post calls for a huge LOL! (Because I will not add other letters to that ridiculous, overused abbreviation.) So funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Pshew, I'm glad the house survived! And that you are rid of the wasp's nest. We burn our Christmas tree every January and it does NOT need an accelerant, but Dean always finds something to use, anyway. I think this time it was WD40. He was spraying it on the open flames and my mom and I were terrified the flames would travel up the spray and explode the can, but Dean had a very persuasive scientific explanation for why that wouldn't happen.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I hate change, too. But I love children. So I'm in for it.

The Yoder's Three said...

Sounds like an exciting day! Ha ha!! Men and their brilliant ideas.

angela michelle said...

sounds like an excellent method for cleaning the raingutters!

so glad you liked mondegreen. we're walking around singing "kiss this guy" now.

The Rookie said...

I fear change myself.

And unintended fires.

And wasps.

miss marie said...

can i just say, i am SO GLAD that that story is true. it's things like that that make marriage both obnoxious and hilarious. (notice i said "that that" twice in this post. i'm not sure if it was correct either time. but i am refusing to change it). come sit on our porch again some time!

Karen said...

Sounds like such a "guy" thing for Hubby to do!