02 May 2009

So Very, Very Tired

Yesterday, about 10:30 p.m. Grace's room after much lollygagging.

Alex and Grace had a little chat.

A: Grace, you need to go to sleep now.
G: I want a scrambled egg.
A: No. We're not going to make you a scrambled egg. Mommy made you a scrambled egg yesterday and two nights ago and you didn't eat them.
G: I want a scrambled egg.
A: You cannot have a scrambled egg. You don't want a scrambled egg. You just want to go in the kitchen and play.

{several minutes of this}

G: Let's have a scrambled egg while it's the dark time.
A: No, we don't have scrambled eggs during the dark time. You need to go to sleep and have a scrambled egg in the morning.
G: {pauses} What's Kendry doing?
A: Kendry is ASLEEP because it is the DARK TIME!
G: Oh. {rolls over and goes to sleep.}

Today, about 8:00 p.m. Living room floor.

She placed that sock on her face herself, lest you think we sought revenge for the scrambled egg begging.


msjvd said...

Perhaps she'll start a new trend. Send that picture VIRAL!

sammygrace said...

LOL LOL LOL love it.

Heidi said...

We have had many conversations like that with our kids over the years. It's so funny when you look back on the moment, but so hard and frustrating while your in the moment. :)

The Rookie said...

Scrambled eggs in the dark time DO sound delightful.

Saddie and Levi said...

Wow, you are a nicer mom than I to have made scrambled eggs two nights in a row! Also, Alex is one nice dad to save you from having this conversation yourself. Tag team parenting - it's the only way to go! What a funny story!

miss marie said...

what is it with late night cravings? apparently children suffer from them, too.

myimaginaryblog said...

What kind of mean parents are you? Can't you see that that poor girl just wants a scrambled egg?

(Oh my. Now I am craving one, or at least a fried one.)

Karen said...

Perhaps the sock was to let you know she did not want to be disturbed?

Jesse said...

This is one of those stories you'll have to tell when she's 16 and starting to date. Keep the picture too, it will keep the boys in line.

That story just made my day.

angela michelle said...

apparently you need to get the girl a set of those purple, fuzzy sleeping shades.

Cory Reese said...

At least it wasn't one of Alex's post-exercise socks.