19 May 2009


Some things I find irresistible:

1. Attractive ceramic strawberry dishes, containing . . .

2. Real home-grown strawberries from Saddie's Strawberry Plants, won by my awesome haiku about laundry. Thanks Saddie! Actually, perhaps I won because I was the only one to try, but I like to think of my haiku skills as awesome nonetheless. Still, the focus here is on the strawberries, which came forth from the earth. Unlike my would-be strawberries, whose parental plants shriveled into death-like oblivion shortly after I planted them.

3. Cute little stinkely winkely huggley buggley snuggle-bears covered in spaghetti.


The Rookie said...

I heard spaghetti is this year's black. He is too cute!

And your haiku talents are enviable.

Dansie Family said...

my strawberries never did very either. oh well. here's to hoping my garden produces something else.

Jesse said...

Dear Jenny,

Get your children into modeling classes. They're great.

Much adoration,

Biased Uncle