03 June 2009

Alex the Magic Husband

Before I disappear into the blog-free world of potty training for a few days, I thought I would share Alex's latest joke:

"I dreamed I died and went to heaven, and there wasn't a damned soul there!"

*He justifies that this joke was inspired by a chapter heading in the Book of Mormon, but we do both love to use biblical swearwords whenever we feel that we can get away with it.


Saddie and Levi said...

I bet you like going to the dam museum and the dam gift shop when you're at Lake Mead or Lake Powell. I'm sure I do. Though my favorite is using the dam bathroom.

Jesse said...
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miss marie said...

my favorite sunday school moment ever:
brother jones - "and that is the fascinating story of the talking ass!"
hahahhahahahahahahaha!!!! i actually made a scene. coolest sunday school moment ever, hands down. ah, thanks, bible.

angela michelle said...

nice play on words--but really don't you think that's the true dream of all parents with young kids? Solitude--no one there at all. :)

--your potty training well wisher who just scooped poop off the floor...again

myimaginaryblog said...

That is totally. my. kind. of. joke. I will have to share it with my family. Thanks for sharing it.