19 June 2009


Dear Self,

Never read your teenage diary again. The hormones. The agony. The pure adolescent evil and self-delusion are utterly disenchanting and will rob you of your joy for at least a half an hour.


Dear Alex,

Thank you for marrying me even though you knew me when I was a teenager.


Dear Parents,

Thank you for not banishing me to a dragon-infested tower. I know why they do that now.

Your Oldest Child

Dear Children,

You are not allowed to be teenagers. EVER!


Dear Oldest Child,

The opposition has got to stop. You don't have to say NO out of principle. You should at least save that for your adolescence, which, as noted in the previous memo, you will be skipping.

-the frustrated tall one who makes all of your food, clothes you, reads you stories and generally behaves like your personal slave.


sammygrace said...

i have a feeling that when i look back at the journals i've filled up since colten's been gone ill read them and think gee i surely was a confused person in general. and ridiculously dramatic through my words tho in real life i'm pretty chill. but hey- the truth is tho ill be thankful for them because there is truth to the words i've written, even tho its stupid its how i feel ya know? haha and deep down its funny to think back on and so ya keep the journals forever even tho they are dumb haha. hence why you still have them :) and dont worry- grace prob will always say no, as first reaction, i still do it:) hahahaha. but hey ya if no babysitter then we shall play on field by u house w kiddies run around okay okay:)

Tink said...

I enjoyed your notes! I concur! My hubby knew me as a teenager too, but the greatest part was...I knew him too, and he was worse!!!!! :-)

Brittany said...

Sometimes it's just better not to look at old journal entries. I have at least two years of journals (four of them) that is my "sealed" portion, like unto the sealed portion of the golden plates, only sealed for different reasons. It is kind of a good thing that we grow though. We are always a product of our pasts and who we are at present is at least affected by who we were at those moments that we wrote, so I guess that's why I keep writing.

Saddie and Levi said...

I'm always amazed at how firmly I believed the world revolved around me. Every written word oozes confidence in the saddiecentric theory of the universe. Oh the disillusionment!

The Farnsworths said...


Jesse said...

Do you remember when I found your journal from when you were in 3rd grade (or so) in the top of my closet while you were either on your mission or at college? It was SO funny! Yes, I read some of it, but you knew it. I can only imagine what the teenage years were like.

And you knew Alex. I remember when there was that surprise B-day party for you at the red brick church. I was sent outside to find Alex and I walked around the church two times until while passing under a tree I heard "Jesse, are we supposed to come in now?" from Alex hiding with some friends in the tree. Need I say more?

The Yoder's Three said...

Madelyn too is not allowed to become a teenager. It's hard for me to imagine her becoming even more headstrong and emotional than she is now. Not sure I can handle it.

...I actually wish I had kept some of the notes I used to write back and forth to my friends in middle school. I had a new crush every week. I think it would make for some good laughs now!

Hey It's Di said...

I have teenagers and I too have read a few of my teenage journal entries and can I just say.....AMEN!! You got it all right!!