28 June 2009

Real Life

The day was gray and overcast. We acupunctured ourselves early against seasickness. We were in search of the largest mammal ever to have inhabited the earth (including dinosaurs).

Thar she blows! Actually, there she just sort of comes up and shows a bit of fin and then dives again! The elusive blue whale. Elusive might be the wrong word. We saw around twenty whales of the blue and humpback varieties on our little trip out from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz Island and back.

And then, when we least expected it . . . SHARK ATTACK!! Just kidding. Dolphin attack. That doesn't have quite the same ring as shark attack. Oh well. The scientific folks with us said that one can generally count how many dolphins are in a pod by multiplying the number visible on the surface by five.
I had a real life for a week in San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, and Santa Barbara, California. I have eaten enough fresh strawberries to last me until at least July. Now I can go back to happily doing laundry, washing dishes, and blogging until my heart is content. Hooray!
More pictures to come. Maybe.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Looks amazing. I would start with either Crossing to Safety or Angle of Repose. One is shorter (Crossing); one is longer - what's your mood?

Tink said...

Looks like a great trip! I would love to see dolphins and whales in the ocean. Looks pretty cool!

miss marie said...

holy sea mammals, batman!

Dansie Family said...

love it! it brings me right back to my 5th grade field trip when i went to anacapa island (we also left from santa barbara so it must be a neighbor). we rode on a boat called the "we seven" and my friends and i had crushes on the captain. we subsequently started a club after the trip called "the babes of the we seven." i still have pictures of me with the captain. he was a hottie. i think we saw a whale, too.

angela michelle said...

wow--i've always wanted to do that. looks like a beautiful trip.